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Mists of Maya: Refined Cooking Oils

For months since returning to India a year ago, I have been advising friends and family to stop cooking their food in the refined vegetable oils that first started to appear on the market nearly half a century ago. There is a lot to be said for using natural oils, cold pressed. Anything else is maya, and illusion. We might test what any other so called health “guru” tells we should do against the voice of our conscience. It is important, in this day and age to keep good health if we are going to serve the Almighty – and everyone else on this planet – in this, the Golden Age.

A Secret India for the Seeker

traffic in bangalore

Indian drivers are the worst in the world and discipline in traffic is an unknown quality. A South African friend now living in London wrote to me saying how safe she feels driving around her part of that city. I drove for years in London and other parts of Britain, as I did on the Continent and in other parts of the world as far removed as Africa to the north of the Limpopo and the Zambezi and just about every corner south of that, and Australia and New Zealand. I consider myself a reasonably good, considerate and safe driver but I shall never drive in India. The constant pandemonium here would drive me to utter despair and desperation, or to road rage – and perhaps action not becoming of an avowed pacifist.

Book Launch: Shadows on the Maidan


Vivek Naicker is an accomplished journalist, and as some would say, a great spinner of yarns! Media Liaison for the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa, Vivek Naicker over-sighted the media during the momentous election that brought Nelson Mandela to the Presidency of South Africa. Join Vivek on a journey through mystery, Brahmins, strange callings to go to India to meet his “guru” who was calling him. This was to open an entirely new chapter in the life of this South African diplomat turned scribe on India, its history and great narratives surrounding Sai Baba of Puttaparthi. Vivek presents his book, Shadows on the Maidan (Part I)