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Category: Cosmic Harmony

The Quality Of Your Diet Determines The Quality Of Your Life

reverse osmosis filterAlmost all supermarket foods contain harmful toxins in some form or the other. The poor state of public health today is largely the result of consuming these foods. You are aware of this as are most people in your circle. Problem is, what does one do to replace toxic foods and drinks with items that are safe to consume?

The Cosmic Blueprint and Human Destiny Part 1

Following on from the exchange between the Indian Navy Officer and Vivek at Prashanti Nilayam, Vivek has taken up the theme of the Cosmic Blueprint and provided a number of examples of this blueprint in action. Nonetheless, the state of the Earth is the fruit of human action and inaction, and as Vivek explains, humans have been deprived of their birthright, and turn to inventions and technology.

The Cosmic Blueprint and Human Destiny Part 2

Vivek continues his reply to the Indian Navy Officer, expanding on the coincidence shared by them at the gate to Prashanti Nilayam Ashram in Puttaparthi. While reflecting on so-called technology and progress with crops and foods, Vivek admonishes that all life forms without exception have an indispensable role to play for the greater good of the entire natural world. The only life form that is not likely to be missed if it should suddenly disappear is man. Man has a sacred destiny and is united with the destiny of the Earth. A return to the Vedic ethos is a return to true humanness.

The Sioux Legend of The White Buffalo Woman

The Wolakota People of the great Sioux nation of the United States have an ancient legend that calls for the commemoration of a day of peace among all people. This is to remind one another that all peoples of the world, despite their wanderings and struggles for survival, should constantly be aware of their Oneness in the Great Spirit. Here, Vivek tells of his meeting with Chief Arvol of the Sioux Nations in South Africa.

World Peace and Prayer Day 2015

Below this you will find an image of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle. I first met the Chief and his wife Paula when they came to Durban, South Africa, to commemorate World Peace and Prayer Day in 2002. We have been in touch since then. With peace, I seek to draw your attention to the Chief’s message:


Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations),

On this June 21st, 2015 we as the Spiritual People, from the guidance of Great Spirit, will light our sacred fire of 20 years

The Celestial Networker

heavy rain pour

“I am God and I know it. You are also God but you do not know”

The enigma called Sri Sathya Sai Baba was in residence in February, 2003, when I arrived from South Africa at his ashram in Whitefield which was then in the rural outskirts of Bangalore city. My friends Roy and Sue Christie of South Africa and Chris Parnell of Australia were also there and we met every day for three happy weeks. After all three had left, I was alone in crowded India for the first time. But I was to meet with friends, find a eyrie for a residence overlooking the maidans of Whitefield and through a freak thunderstorm and a mysterious guide, meet with two ladies who were to become firm friends whom I would visit in London, years later.

Geeta’s Camera

Camera Case

A brisk hike through the lanes and passages from my flat in the old coconut grove to the news-stand opposite the Ganesha Gate of Prashanti Nilayam for the English language newspapers, then an hour scanning them over a cup of chai in a nearby restaurant popular with westerners has become my morning constitutional. However, this morning, it took a long time for me to complete my scanning of the daily papers. All turned around my new camera, the proprietor of a curio shop, a lost camera, and the Saint of Shirdi.

Mists of Maya – Earthquakes and Tsunami

Earth, showing India

In a day and an age when there are chaos ridden regions on the Earth, and humanity seems to be helpless in the face of disaster in the form of tsunami and earthquakes and flash flooding, Vivekananda Naicker once again explores the Mists of Maya and looks deeply into the truth of the human condition. Our visits to Earth are but a sojourn in a body and our true home, our true nature, is endless love.

Sai Baba and Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Less than a week ago on Sunday, 15th December, the remains of perhaps the most popular and universally-loved statesman of all time, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, lovingly called by his Xhosa tribal name Madiba by many around the world, was laid to rest in his home village of Qunu in the Eastern Cape. What follows are reflections by a former media advisor to President Mandela on the invisible hand of the architect of Cosmic Harmony … and the soul blueprint of Mandela.