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Category: Mists of Maya

Mists of Maya: Refined Cooking Oils

For months since returning to India a year ago, I have been advising friends and family to stop cooking their food in the refined vegetable oils that first started to appear on the market nearly half a century ago. There is a lot to be said for using natural oils, cold pressed. Anything else is maya, and illusion. We might test what any other so called health “guru” tells we should do against the voice of our conscience. It is important, in this day and age to keep good health if we are going to serve the Almighty – and everyone else on this planet – in this, the Golden Age.

Indigo’s in South Africa recall my past life at Oxford

Oxford University
When Vivek attended the Oneness University (nearby Chennai), little did he know that many unforseen events would occur years into the future, from his visit to the humble university abode, much of what was still under construction. Our photograph here is Oxford University, circa 1900. In a story that truly comes from the Mists of Maya, Vivek is having lunch in South Africa, years later, in the Magaliesburg Mountains, that a girl, highly psychic and daughter of an Indigo lady, would recognise him from a past life he had lived as a professor at Oxford University! Viv takes up the story:

Mists of Maya – Earthquakes and Tsunami

Earth, showing India

In a day and an age when there are chaos ridden regions on the Earth, and humanity seems to be helpless in the face of disaster in the form of tsunami and earthquakes and flash flooding, Vivekananda Naicker once again explores the Mists of Maya and looks deeply into the truth of the human condition. Our visits to Earth are but a sojourn in a body and our true home, our true nature, is endless love.

Homage to Lord Shiva

Dancing Nataraja
In his second epistle to his friend Bala, Vivek muses about the history of the Tamils, their evacuation from their sinking homeland, the ancient Tamil “myth” of Kumari Kandam.

Attached to this so-called mythical narrative is the depiction of the formless with Form, the endless dance within the atom (which Charles Darwin called the etym … how prescient was he?) of swirling neutrons, protons and electrons. The unknown artificer of the Dancing Nadaraja encircled the God within boundaries of fire. Salt sea and sunken lands aside, Vivek takes his friend Bala from Holy Arunachala to Puttaparthi, to the archipelago of islands spanning the waters up to Japan and possibly to Hawaii.

Now read on: The Homage of Shiva

The Mists of Maya ~ Part 1

Mists of MayaVivek has been corresponding with a childhood friend for many years; a friend who is mostly suspicious and sometimes, dismissive of Vivek’s pursuits and labours in the spiritual arena. Why, petals are falling from his small home shrine daily, as he writes. Vivek is happy to share his knockabout and somewhat amusing introduction to the Vedas and Vedic Religion with his childhood friend, here, on the World Wide Web in this humble blog. So this day, we commence the Mists of Maya, Vivek’s letters to his childhood buddy.