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Chinks in the Cosmic Curtain

Vivekananda Naicker makes a new acquaintance in Puttaparthi town, a former officer of the Indian Navy. Through this officer’s association with Vivek, he comes to understand that coincidences and circumstances are all arranged by the loving Creator, the benign Source that overlooks all with love.


Nearly five years ago, weeks when I returned to India after my heart operation in South Africa, I met Captain Anesh Rajan, formerly of the Indian Navy. We had much in common and over the years became close friends.

By coincidence, we are both of the Kshatriya caste and South Indian although belonging to different ethnic groups. The main difference is that I am some fifteen years older, so in deference to my age, he calls me Vivekji.

Despite the fact that we have some differences of opinion, we agree on most others. Another similarity between the two of us is that we have both been subjected to a Christian English education as formulated by the insufferably bigoted Thomas Babington Macaulay in 1835. While the captain went to school in Bangalore, India, I schooled in the British colony of Natal across the Indian Ocean on South Africa’s east coast.

Yet another similarity is that both he and I spent some years in England. He trained as an Indian Navy pilot to fly the Sea King submarine-hunting helicopter while I served as a diplomat in the South African Embassy in London.

I believe that we live in a sentient, compassionate Universe that has our best interests at heart. I also believe that the coincidences we sometimes experience are “chinks in the cosmic curtain” enabling us to catch glimpses of past or future events. I came to this conclusion after living through swarms of coincidences after first meeting and talking with Sri Sathya Sai Baba 25 years ago.

I often discussed this with Capt Rajan but he was non-committal. With his Christian English educational background, he has strong ideas about “superstition”, even to the point of rejecting the theory of reincarnation, in which I believe implicitly, even to the point of being aware of some of my past incarnations. He is firmly rooted in the western tradition of demanding scientific proof for any such claim.

The article that follows was written in the form of a letter to the captain after a strange coincidence I experienced and which he witnessed a week ago in Puttaparthi.

A young friend, Manish Sharma, and his wife Rosy, their daughter and respective parents were to have arrived in Puttaparthi at 10 that morning from Chandigar in North India. It was well after 2 o’clock and I was concerned that they had not phoned me on arrival as arranged.

I had had an appointment with a friend but this had to be deferred at the last minute. Since I had the time, Anesh asked me to join him for lunch at the Western canteen in the ashram, so we went into through the main gate. After lunch at the canteen, Anesh and I walked down to the main gate. I told him of my concern over Manish and his family.

I was tired after the walk and the captain suggested that we sit down on the seva dal’s bench at the checkpoint to rest before I took an auto rickshaw home. At that exact moment, a taxi pulled up with Manish and his family. They were booked to stay at the ashram and had just arrived from the railway station. Manish got out with his reservation papers to come to the checkpoint then his jaw dropped in surprise as he spotted me.

Their train from North India had been several hours late and Manish and his family were equally concerned about me. They sensed I would be worried. I was the last person they expected to see, so when Manish ran back to the taxi to tell the family they were all astounded at the coincidence. I was at the checkpoint by sheer chance.

Anesh wrote that night to tell me how astonished he was when this took place. I replied, taking the opportunity to also cover matters we had discussed on the telephone the previous day.

Below is an extract of Capt Rajan’s mail to which I responded with my letter/article:

“Anesh Rajan
	Nov 29, 2018, 12:43 PM (2 days ago)		 
to me

Dear Vivek,

The circumstances of the happenings yesterday are beautifully explained by you.The coincidences are remarkable.The love and respect Manish’s family have shown to you near Gopuram Gate,in full view of Swami’s Gaze, was beautiful to see.The Universe is definitely very caring and works in our interest as per the cosmic blueprint,as you so nicely put it.”


This dramatic panorama shows a colourful, shimmering auroral curtain reflected in a placid Icelandic lake. The image was taken on 18 March 2015 by Carlos Gauna, near Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in southern Iceland.

The celestial display was generated by a coronal mass ejection, or CME – a massive eruption on the Sun – on 15 March. A flotilla of Sun-watching spacecraft, including the SOHO observatory and Proba-2, watched as millions of tonnes of magnetically charged particles were blasted into space, in the direction of Earth.



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