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Month: April 2015

Tectonics and Himalayas: ignorance, disaster and responses

Strange things have been happening under the Indian subcontinent in the years that I have been here. Being hyper-conscious of the fragility of this planet and the great variety of life it carries, I paid particular attention to sporadic reports of awareness and response to tectonic and subterranean activities in the Indian media. There is awareness, there is ignorance and there is mischief. Here, we take a look at what I have observed in India, during my sojourn here over the last 12 years.

Indigo’s in South Africa recall my past life at Oxford

Oxford University
When Vivek attended the Oneness University (nearby Chennai), little did he know that many unforseen events would occur years into the future, from his visit to the humble university abode, much of what was still under construction. Our photograph here is Oxford University, circa 1900. In a story that truly comes from the Mists of Maya, Vivek is having lunch in South Africa, years later, in the Magaliesburg Mountains, that a girl, highly psychic and daughter of an Indigo lady, would recognise him from a past life he had lived as a professor at Oxford University! Viv takes up the story: