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The Cosmic Blueprint and Human Destiny Part 2

Vivek continues his reply to the Indian Navy Officer, expanding on the coincidence shared by them at the gate to Prashanti Nilayam Ashram in Puttaparthi. While reflecting on so-called technology and progress with crops and foods, Vivek admonishes that all life forms without exception have an indispensable role to play for the greater good of the entire natural world. The only life form that is not likely to be missed if it should suddenly disappear is man. Man has a sacred destiny and is united with the destiny of the Earth. A return to the Vedic ethos is a return to true humanness.


With the ending of Kali Yuga – Swami said in 2010 that it has ended – humankind and Mother Earth have come to the end of a phase. Swami has promised that this would be followed by a 1000-year Golden Age of incredible change, when mankind will reach an even higher level of evolution.

New forms of free, perpetual energy have already been discovered. These have not come into use only because the corporations that control the fossil fuel industry actively prevent competition. The corporations are immensely wealthy and in a materialistic age, money is the most effective facilitator. If something happens to change this impasse, the use of fossil fuels would come to an end. Amazing things could then happen.

Damage done to mankind and the ecology of planet Earth through misuse of fossil fuels, chemicals and nuclear energy could be reversed and species saved from extinction. Some species could even be brought back from extinction. This eventuality depends entirely on human awareness. The good news is that human consciousness levels are rapidly rising.

More importantly, when this happens, humankind would know that it is not alone in the cosmos. Developments in this regard would come into the open, with regular contact with other advanced beings from other parts of the Universe becoming the order of the day. Indeed, the contact may already have started and inter-planetary visits and other exchanges could already be in progress. There are many claims that contact and exchange has been going on secretly for decades.

It is only a matter of time before this becomes generally known. There is ample evidence on the Internet that human populations are being prepared by major governments and organizations such as NASA for a disclosure of the truth.


Strong beliefs exist about President Eisenhower’s meetings with extra-terrestrials.

As things now stand, all news media throughout the planet is owned and controlled by a small, immensely wealthy elite. The truth, therefore, is as easy to conceal as it is to manipulate public opinion. After all, the fact that the elite control the bulk of the planet’s wealth in a materialistic age makes them the most powerful people on this planet.

Yes, Anesh, there were plans in place for globalisation and eventually a one-world government together with all the nightmares that prospect entails. I have been aware of the steps being taken towards globalisation since I was little more than a teenager. Not without trepidation, I continued to follow its progress with each successive US president. But there were certain unexpected developments in globalisation plans and the tide has now turned.

The idea of globalisation was mooted by the Americans, with President Carter being the first to define and announce it publicly. Carter’s term as President started in 1977 and ended in 1981. Subsequent presidents Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama continued with the glorification theme.

As a young journalist, I observed the changes that were taking place in the name of perestroika and glasnost in the former Soviet Union. I observed the tearing apart of Afghanistan, first by Soviet forces and later by the Americans. In immense pain, I observed the destruction of an ancient civilisation that was once, long ago, a peaceful part of India. All this destruction and mayhem was integral to the globalisation plan.

As a diplomat, it was my business to be familiar with the concept and progress of globalisation. I watched how criminals and gangsters quickly took control of Moscow and the states of the former Soviet Union after the fall of Soviet communist rule. Looting of government funds by organised criminals became the order of the day.

Meanwhile, in a South Africa that was also in political turmoil, activists were shouting that they would make the country ungovernable. Russian activists had already achieved that goal in post-communist Russia. Was there a common thread running through these world events?


Was there a common thread running through these world events?

I observed the fragmentation and dissolution of not only the Soviet political alliance but the confidence and ethos of the Slavic peoples. Later, I became aware of the flight of their collective wealth to secret individual bank accounts in the west.

The same forces of globalisation that were at work in Russia and the Baltic countries were at work in my own part of the world. One wet and blustery evening in London, I stood under my umbrella opposite No 10 Downing Street and watched as Kissinger arrived from his final talks with Ian Smith in Rhodesia to report to Harold Wilson, then Prime Minister of Britain. Britain and the USA were pushing for black majority rule.

Those same forces were later to usher in black majority rule in my own country. Not many years later, I would be instructed to serve, as a government media officer, in the CODESA talks at Gallagher’s Estate in Midrand near Johannesburg. Those talks and their final outcome turned out to be the final nail in apartheid’s coffin.

Meanwhile, it became clear to many that what the Americans meant by globalisation was the untrammelled hegemony of the US in world trade and political power. The most powerful nation in the world, the US has been at war with one country or another almost continuously since World War II ended in 1945.

One of the unexpected developments mentioned above was an amazing upsurge in recent times of the awareness levels of humankind in general. Despite the known dangers of microwaves and the current potentially deadly electronic communications gadgets craze, the Internet has served to awaken humankind from its millennia-old slumber.

Increasingly, people everywhere are waking up to the fact that their true potential has been suppressed for the past 6,000 years by those who gained from their ignorance. The numbers are growing exponentially. Already, in public demonstrations in many parts of the world, people are demanding freedom from exploitation.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba has promised that a golden age in the history of mankind is in the offing. Never has the Avatar of Kali Yuga been known to utter anything but the Truth. After all, His very name, Sathya, epitomises His nature!


Love is my form, Truth is my breath, Bliss is my food …

In case you haven’t noticed, while others fight over their differences in often disastrous ways, the world is quietly slipping back to its ancient Vedic ethos. World Yoga Day is now a reality. Hindu words and terminology such as yuga, karma, ashram and mela are now commonly in Western usage.

It is ironic that Indian expatriates, firmly rooted in the Vedic ethos, have spread throughout the world and provide the scientific expertise for the multinational corporations. Although the smallest of all ethnic groups in the USA, expatriate Indians have the highest per capita income. Unmistakably a new dawn approaches for the Universe is logical in its works.

My own belief is that India will never achieve superpower status. That is a silly carrot-before-the-horse dream planted in the minds of its younger people especially by those with selfish schemes. In any case, who needs to be a superpower in a world in which a dangerously exploding human population seriously threatens with extinction a small planet with finite resources? The Earth is long past the carrying capacity for its present population.

It is only because of a biased and selective media that more people are not aware that Planet Earth is in serious ecological trouble. Actually, it is in its dying throes but you are unlikely to learn of this from a slanted mainstream media bent on keeping the truth from the populace.

Do you know that the oceans are dying so rapidly through pollution that it is estimated by scientists that in some 45 years, there will no longer be any fish in the oceans? Do you know that there is an immense island of deadly plastic waste, washed into the oceans of the world by streams and rivers, swirling about in the Pacific Ocean?


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – what is man to do?

This morning I read the chilling fact that in the past 45 years alone, man has killed off more that 60% of the planet’s animal population. Then I switched to another Internet news service and saw a chilling photograph of 90 sperm whales washed up dead on a New Zealand beach. I almost went into shock.

The Panchang, India’s ancient Vedic almanac, predicts that the world’s earthworms will soon be severely affected by prevailing conditions. It’s only to be expected that they would start to die off in the world’s farmlands, as heavily polluted as these are by agro chemicals deadly to all forms of life, from the largest and man to the smallest of living things.

All biologists know that the humble earthworm is crucially important to ecosystems. Its tunnelling aerates the soil and allows rainwater seepage. Its wastes fertilise the soil. If earthworms die, humankind will closely follow, for food plants – or any plants for that matter – would not grow without earthworms to vitalise the soil.

In fact, those who are aware of the Unified Field theory of quantum physics know that every single form of life on this planet has its niche in the order of the things that make Mother Earth the incredible wonderland that it is.

There is no life form, from the smallest micro-organism to largest carnivore, that is dispensable, nothing that is not crucial to other life forms in one way or the other. All life forms without exception have an indispensable role to play for the greater good of the entire natural world. The only life form that is not likely to be missed if it should suddenly disappear is man.

But in a world dazzled and mesmerised by deadly digital toys like cellular phones, tablets, poisonous junk food and allopathic medicine made from often deadly drugs, we have distanced ourselves from Nature. We call ourselves modern and advanced and revel in our high tech illusion. Yet we are flesh and blood and bone and we obtain our sustenance from the soil we have so short-sightedly abused and poisoned.


Young people are slowly poisoning their minds with digital toys

Through subtle media brainwashing, we have adopted a way of life alien to our existence as an element in the natural order of this planet and to our Vedic ethos. The foundations of our culture are increasingly threatened by the same rising damp of greed and corruption that once threatened the peoples of the Mahabharata and precipitated a devastating war that changed the world unrecognisably afterwards.

Thankfully, increasing numbers of enlightened people all over the world are waking up to the fact that we have been misled and heartlessly exploited. The numbers have grown exponentially in recent years and are now reaching the magical critical mass. The old order is already in its death throes.

The Americans can have their bankrupt globalisation dream, Anesh. I would rather have my once wonderful but now almost ruined Mother Earth back. Insanely violated as she has been, with love and a singleness of purpose, she can be nursed back to health. I and others like me are ready and willing to gently coax her back to her former pristine state and restore to significant numbers her former animal denizens now reduced to a struggling few.

I believe that despite the present odds, a peaceful change is in the offing. By some miracle, the present madness that engulfs humankind will end, and sanity will return. I believe that in a new dawn of hope, it is India with its Vedic roots that will help lead humankind back to sanity.

It will not do so alone, for it has been far too debilitated by centuries of lies and deceit imposed by cunningly selfish alien interlopers and recent years of political and academic mischief. It will be done in alliance with an ancient land which is witnessing a resurgence of its prehistoric Vedic ethos after centuries of ruthlessly enforced alien suppression. It is from this ancient part of the world that the peoples of India gradually migrated to their subcontinent in the first place.


Vedic chanting pre-dates the deluge and offers the secret of true humanness

When these two rise to eminence, others will shake off the fetters of the past six centuries and rekindle their Vedic past. Surprisingly, these countries will not be in the East but in the opposite direction. The sentiments of the peoples of lands to the East, of course, lie with those of India. The cultural, spiritual and blood ties run too deep for that to change.

The future lies not in US-inspired globalisation but in the ancient Vedic tenets of peaceful co-existence. Events to substantiate much of what has been written in this article will start to emerge in the coming weeks and months, as you will personally witness.

I believe that the Golden Age promised by the Avatar will blossom into reality in the not too distant future. Yet before then much spring cleaning has to take place. Both positive and negative events now happening in societies around the world are part and parcel of human development. The spring cleaning, uncomfortable as it will be, is integral to that development.

This is the way the Universe works, this is the way it has always worked; this is its natural, infallibly logical way.


Leadership inspired by the ancient Vedic ethos will bring about the healing of the earth
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