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The Quality Of Your Diet Determines The Quality Of Your Life

reverse osmosis filterAlmost all supermarket foods contain harmful toxins in some form or the other. The poor state of public health today is largely the result of consuming these foods. You are aware of this as are most people in your circle. Problem is, what does one do to replace toxic foods and drinks with items that are safe to consume?

The quality of your diet determines the quality of your life: what to Eliminate from your diet and how to replace it with safe substitutes

Let’s kick off with probably the most important component of our diet: water. In today’s toxic world, most of the planet’s water supplies, including that which comes out of our taps, is chemically or otherwise tainted.Scientists refer to this as “dead” water for live micro-organisms essential for good health it once contained have been destroyed.They have been killed off by the very chemicals used to “purify” it.

Chlorine is a deadly poison but corporate scientists claim it becomes safe if exposed to sunlight. How can it be exposed to sunlight in underground pipes? Most of us simply open our taps and drink the water that gushes out, unaware that the chlorine it contains is potentially deadly.

To solve this problem, it would be necessary to take certain further precautions because chlorinated water can be carcinogenic. Even if you have piped, chlorinated municipal water in the taps of your house, it would be advisable to install a Reverse Osmosis water filter in your kitchen. Some very good RO filters are made here in India. At least two Indian brands are marketed internationally. Both are good.

seven stages of reverse osmosis filtering
seven stages of reverse osmosis filtering
To enhance the natural qualities of the water from your Reverse Osmosis filter, you’ll have to purchase large glass containers like those we used to buy with orange and other fruit juices. I think they were of between two and four litres capacity. You’ll have to ask the menfolk to hunt around. Only glass would do for this purpose, not plastic.


First rinse out the container, then fill from the Reverse Osmosis filter.The juice bottles that come to mind had two finger holes on either side of a narrow neck. Cover the mouth of the bottle with a piece of muslin or cheesecloth or even a piece of a porous cellulose shopping bag and secure with a rubber band. Place the bottle in direct sunlight.

Air and micro-organisms would now be able to enter the bottle but not larger dirt particles and insects. These micro-organisms are the same as those in our bodies. Each of us is a vast colony of billions of micro-organisms that live within our organs, bloodstream, digestive and urinary tract. Even though there are disease-causing germs, microbes and viruses among them, our amazing immune system gives us immunity from the harmful ones.

If you use about twelve litres of water a day for drinking and cooking, you’ll need about three or four of these large bottles. When filled with the mouths covered in muslin or whatever, place in direct, preferably morning, sunlight. Leave in the sun for the whole day.

By late afternoon or early evening, all traces of chlorine and smells should have dissipated and the micro-organisms would have multiplied. It will taste amazingly like natural spring water. It is now “live” water and not the dead chemical stuff that comes out of plastic bottles as the counterfeit “mountain spring” water that is now a major, easy money spinner in most countries.

This “spring water” business is largely a scam. Much of it is ordinary tap water that has never been anywhere near a natural spring. Moreover it’s sold in plastic bottles and is usually chilled. Scientists know that water should never be chilled in plastic bottles because when cold, disease-causing chemicals from the plastic bottles leach into the contents. Such water is almost certain to be carcinogenic. And we wonder why so many people die of cancer!!!

The absurdity of having to buy as basic, indispensable and life-giving an element as water is in itself an indication of how sick civilisation has become. That we meekly troop to supermarkets like sheep to buy packages of counterfeit spring water is in itself a telling commentary: we have become unthinking zombies.

If you take the trouble to do as described in this article, you would be laying the foundations of your resolve to change your dietary habits for the better. Even if you do not immediately observe the benefits, your body would know the difference and not long afterwards, it will start to show.


Now here’s the amazing thing. Our bodies are the most incredible machines on this planet. When one eats a plate of food, what happens to it? Part of it is ejected as faeces after passing through our digestive system of course, but the nutrition that food contained is absorbed into the body. In other words, nutritional elements of that rice or vegetables and fruit that you ate become part of your anatomy. Only the body of a living being can do this.Your body is really magical!

So, eat and drink high-quality foods and liquids and you’ll have a high quality body with matching good health. In other words, the need for medicines of any sort will fall away. You would enjoy good health naturally and for free! This is how Mother Nature intended it to be and this is how it will become when mankind wins the real freedom that now approaches.

Om Sri Hanumate Namaha,
Om Sri Sai Ram,
Vivekananda Naicker
on occasion of Hanuman Jayanthi, Tamil Margali Masam
26 December 2019

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