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The Cosmic Blueprint and Human Destiny Part 1

Following on from the exchange between the Indian Navy Officer and Vivek at Prashanti Nilayam, Vivek has taken up the theme of the Cosmic Blueprint and provided a number of examples of this blueprint in action. Nonetheless, the state of the Earth is the fruit of human action and inaction, and as Vivek explains, humans have been deprived of their birthright, and turn to inventions and technology.


Dear Anesh,

It is my belief that the meeting with Manish, Rosy and their family at the rear gate of the ashram on Thursday was arranged by the Universe especially for you. I have been experiencing these coincidences ever since I came to Swami for the first time in 1993, so I do not need further convincing. It is you who are the Doubting Thomas, as I also used to be before a swarm of coincidence started after my first pilgrimage to Puttaparthi some twenty-five years ago!

I came to India because I was called, and how the call came is in itself amazing. The message was embedded in a Panchangam reading done for my son by Sri Lankan Brahmin Nadarajan Sarma now living at his temple in Midrand, South Africa.

The message, in mid-January, 1993, was that I must travel to Puttaparthi, India, before the 18th of February, 1993, which was then three weeks hence. This put me in a quandary simply because I had neither the spare cash nor available leave credits. For the sake of family peace, I had let my wife act as the family accountant at the time. She was also in charge of the family savings.

Since she held the purse strings, my wife could give me the money for air fares and expenses only in March. In my meditation, I told this to Swami. Within days, a large sum of money came in the most astonishing way into my personal bank account.

Even more astonishingly, on the same day that the money appeared in my bank account, the personnel section at Head Office informed me that 90 days of my paid leave had accidentally been dropped from the official leave register. It was discovered only after there was a computer audit of what was previously done manually.

However, once the dropped days were put back onto the register, my leave credits would exceed the maximum of 365 days allowed. This meant that I had 90 days leave unexpectedly available but it had to be taken immediately or forfeited.

Suddenly, I had ample leave as well as money. I was able to leave for India a few days later. As for this being a compassionate universe, this kind of thing has been happening to me for 25 years.


The Universe arranged my leave, 90 days to be taken immediately

I am now enlightened in this respect, but how do I convince others? Easy; the Universe arranges demonstrations as it did on Thursday for your benefit. Just for the record, it has been indicated to me that you will in time experience other inexplicable events.

Yes, a cosmic blueprint does exist, as you so clearly saw on Thursday. That blueprint emanates from our own thoughts, words and actions. For tens of thousands of years we “Hindu” people have referred to this product of our own thoughts, words and deeds as karma.

Even thought is energy, so karma, too, is energy. The energy of thought interacts with the energy of the Cosmos in such a way that the combined result is the eventual materialisation in visible form of the energies involved. It has nothing to do with magic; it is pure physical science.

The seemingly solid forms that clutter our lives are materialisations of our own thoughts. Every man-made object that exists started off as a thought in someone’s mind. Mother Earth, of course, started off as a thought in the Cosmic Mind, or what we call Shiva. Shiva is the all-pervading Cosmic Energy out of which all materialisations, including our own, emerge.

Like God or the Supreme Cosmic Spirit, we are co-creators. As God has the ability to create, so do we. This is why Swami says, “I am God and I know it; you are also God but you do not know”.

In other words, we are largely unaware of our latent power to make our thoughts turn into material forms, yet we do it all the time. That car standing in the carport was once only a thought in your mind, as was everything else you call your possessions.

Yet there is ample proof in our ancient temples and other artefacts that we once had incredible powers which we seem to have lost in these latter days. Few people are not awed by the sheer size and fine mathematical precision of the pillars and other architectural elements of temples such as Rameshwaram, Mahabalipuram and Ellora. Many such examples would be difficult if not impossible to replicate even with the most modern machines today.


The Ellora Caves are carved out of the mountain rock.

So what happened to us modern descendants of those ancient super beings? Herein lies the mystery that is being slowly unravelled. There is ample proof all over the world that awesome catastrophes took place on this planet more than once in the distant past. The Vedic teaching is that when humankind loses its moral way and becomes corrupt and decadent, a catastrophe comes to wipe out the debauchery.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, tidal waves, typhoons, hurricanes, floods and other anomalies of weather and seismic instability are the karmic consequences of mankind’s own moral and spiritual transgressions. Mother Earth is a living being; these anomalies are her reactions to human abuse. In these fraught times, these anomalies are often the result of mankind’s attempts at weather manipulation for sinister purposes.

There is particularly overwhelming evidence that the last great catastrophe was a global deluge between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago. Such colossal disasters would have all but obliterated evidence of humankind’s past endeavours such as written records.

On the question of written records, there is yet another puzzle to solve. There are some in esoteric circles who believe that humankind was possessed of incredible mental powers before the deluge. All alive in antediluvian times, as the belief goes, had eidetic memories that enabled people to recall instantly and in the finest detail, all that they saw, heard or otherwise experienced.

(The word eidetic is mainly used in psychology to describe the ability to recall anything experienced with absolute vividness and in the minutest detail. It is what is loosely described as a photographic memory. For example, some people have the ability to merely glance at a page of text and it is automatically imprinted in their minds in a matter of seconds). The Tamil mathematician Ramanujan (who was born in Kumbakonam where some of the most awesome temples mentioned above exist) had this ability.

There was therefore no need for writing, for all experience was automatically registered in human memory. What was more, people at the time were also telepathic, so that knowledge could be transmitted remotely.

In “Anastasia”, author Vladimir Megré writes that in addition to their phenomenal memories, ancient peoples also had the power of telepathy and teleportation in addition to astral travel. Teleporting is the ability to project the physical body at will to any other part of the planet or even universe. Astral travel, on the other hand, is the ability to project only the soul that exists within the body without need to shift the physical body. This is beautifully explained in the Anastasia series of books by Megré which I recommended some years ago that you read.

Anastasia asserts that all machines, vehicles, radio and television and other methods of communication are poor man-made imitations of faculties that were once natural to all human beings. In other words, every human being can do what vehicles such as aircraft, cars, ships and submarines, and even radio and television and computers and smart phones can do.

If so, did we degenerate after each of these above-mentioned ancient catastrophes? Are archaeologists wrong about the traces of human habitation found in caves and rock overhangs? The current belief is that these traces are proof that mankind evolved from a primitive, ape-like creature to Homo sapiens sapiens or modern man.

Could the archaeologists be wrong? Might not these traces of human habitation belong to people from advanced societies driven to primitive survival mode by sudden earth convulsions, volcanic eruptions and other catastrophes? If so the advanced techniques evident in the construction of ancient temples in India and other parts of the world, including Turkey, Central Asia, Siberia, Central and South America and even the islands of the Pacific including New Zealand and Easter Island serve to disprove the theories of archaeologists.


Excavations at Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, show this location predates Stonehenge by 6,000 years.

Catastrophes no doubt played a major role in setting humankind back by thousands of years. Much knowledge was irretrievably lost, perhaps forever. Despite this, evidence is that there was a slow rise out of the depths of the primitive survival mode back to civilisation and enlightenment but once again there was a setback.

Something or someone took control of a re-emerging human civilisation for their own benefit. Once again, humankind was thrown into darkness and ignorance.

Out of a higher spirituality and universal moralistic practices called Veda which had guided souls from time immemorial without church, dogma or priesthood, man-made “religions” made their appearance and a new phase in mankind’s development began. These religions served to regiment people and make them easier to influence and govern. All the new religions borrowed heavily from the age-old universal Vedic spiritual ethos.

There was a time when there was only one language on earth and no religion. There was only the Universal philosophy of the Vedas which emphasized love, compassion, non-violence to all other living beings and things and ultimately, a belief in the Oneness of all that exists (akin to the Unified Field theory of modern Quantum Physics).

War in those pristine times was an obscenity that was unyieldingly shunned. All differences, whatever their nature, were settled through discussion and consensus.

We are now in the cusp between Kali Yuga and the forthcoming Prema Yuga. If I may draw an analogy, we are now like a freshwater river flowing into a lagoon and mingling, for the first time, with the saline waters of a restive ocean where the prevailing energies, ambient conditions and life forms are somewhat different. Consequently, this is a phase of confusion and turmoil for most people.

It is significant that the first so-called Apollo moon landing and the advent of computers came in the closing years of the dark Kali Yuga age. The moon landings, whether they actually took place or were staged in movie studios as some “whistle-blowers” claim, gave mankind hope of freedom from the limitations of a confined existence on a somewhat small planet.


Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969, in a photograph taken by Neil Armstrong.

The ability of birds to fly had always inspired humankind. When, a hundred years before the “moon landing”, man learned to fly, it was only a matter of time before he looked beyond the confines of Mother Earth and into the stars.

Although they had been in use in various mechanical forms for some time, electronic computers started to rise in importance only with the first moon landing. Despite being in a primitive and low-powered form, the electronic computer used in the Apollo exercise provided the stimulus for future development.

From that point onwards, computer development grew in leaps and bounds. The Information Technology (IT) age that was to revolutionise the lives of everyone on earth dawned. Nothing since the appearance of organized religion was to transform mankind as the microchip and printed circuit have done.

The transformation wrought by IT to modern lifestyles was dramatic and stunning, so much so that most people are still more than a little carried away by it all, especially those IT engineers who suddenly find themselves at the high end of the salary scale. A whole new way of life has emerged and old, time-tested traditions and lifestyles have fallen away.

Two entire generations that do not know of any other way of life have grown to maturity since the start of the IT Age. A whole new way of life has emerged and it is obvious to psychologists and others who understand mind control that this was purposely designed. Most people now find it impossible to tackle just about any task without the help of some form of electronic device or the other.

It is only now, after nearly two generations into the digital transformation, that humankind has started to realise that there is a price to pay for the unfettered proliferation of electronic communications devices, especially of the wireless variety. The promise of a wonderful digital way of life has been marred by hitherto unknown health, relationship and social problems.

Perhaps the worst of these is the question of individual and societal health. In the past thirty years or so, old diseases like sugar diabetes, cancer and heart disease have reached epidemic proportions and people are dying like flies in all parts of the world. Add to that the epidemics of obesity, tuberculosis, AIDS, various types of influenza, drug addiction and mental diseases and you’ll have some idea of the health nightmare that now confronts humankind.

To cap it all, current medical research indicates that most diseases that affect a large proportion of the world’s population are in fact man-made. The obesity that now afflicts much of the human race can be attributed almost entirely to recent innovations in human eating habits such as low-fat, low cholesterol and highly refined cooking oils and processed and junk foods.

Traditional, organically-produced fresh fruit and vegetables have all but disappeared from food markets and have been replaced by others raised on commercial monoculture farms on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Meanwhile, the physical and mental health of millions around the world grows steadily worse.

This present phase of human development has turned out to be one of confusion and turmoil. Caught up in false teachings and misled by false prophets publicly projected through a false mainstream media, the fortunes of humankind and its entire existence are presently at their lowest ebb.


Fake news and false prophets evoke strong reactions

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