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Month: August 2014

Geeta’s Camera

Camera Case

A brisk hike through the lanes and passages from my flat in the old coconut grove to the news-stand opposite the Ganesha Gate of Prashanti Nilayam for the English language newspapers, then an hour scanning them over a cup of chai in a nearby restaurant popular with westerners has become my morning constitutional. However, this morning, it took a long time for me to complete my scanning of the daily papers. All turned around my new camera, the proprietor of a curio shop, a lost camera, and the Saint of Shirdi.

Mists of Maya – Earthquakes and Tsunami

Earth, showing India

In a day and an age when there are chaos ridden regions on the Earth, and humanity seems to be helpless in the face of disaster in the form of tsunami and earthquakes and flash flooding, Vivekananda Naicker once again explores the Mists of Maya and looks deeply into the truth of the human condition. Our visits to Earth are but a sojourn in a body and our true home, our true nature, is endless love.