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Mists of Maya: Refined Cooking Oils

For months since returning to India a year ago, I have been advising friends and family to stop cooking their food in the refined vegetable oils that first started to appear on the market nearly half a century ago. There is a lot to be said for using natural oils, cold pressed. Anything else is maya, and illusion. We might test what any other so called health “guru” tells we should do against the voice of our conscience. It is important, in this day and age to keep good health if we are going to serve the Almighty – and everyone else on this planet – in this, the Golden Age.

For months since returning to India a year ago, I have been advising friends and family to stop cooking their food in the refined vegetable oils that first started to appear on the market nearly half a century ago.

Medical researchers have recently discovered that all that we’ve been told in the slick advertising that accompanied the introduction of the oils a few decades ago is not quite true. It has been found that these highly refined soya, sunflower, canola, peanut, safflower, rice husk, sesame, cottonseed and other refined oils are in fact highly detrimental to good health.

I have discovered since leaving South Africa a year ago that what doctors told me about five major arteries leading to my heart being almost completely clogged with cholesterol was not true. If anything, those arteries were battered and bruised in the first place through eating foods cooked in refined vegetable oils. It was not cholesterol that was blocking my arteries as the experts had said, but inflamation and bruising caused essentially by the use of the refined vegetable oils, including margarine.

When I arrived in India, I was a seriously ill man despite a five-bypass operation and two years of recuperation on a lovely Transvaal farm. At the height of my distress, I met two people who have dedicated their lives to studying traditional cures and natural medicines. The miraculous way in which I met them bore all the fingerprints of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This has been documented in detail in a book now nearing completion.

The long and the short of my story is that within six months of arriving in India, I had stopped using the allopathic drugs that were prescribed for me, mostly after my painful operation which was the first invasive surgery I have had to endure in my long life. I have also stopped using the high blood pressure tablets that I was made to start taking some thirty years ago.

The dosage had been increased after the operation in December 2012 and I was told that to miss even one dose could lead to a serious health crisis. Well, it’s now almost ten months since I stopped the BP tablets (which, I was repeatedly told, I would have to take for the rest of my life) and I now have the blood pressure of a twenty-five-year-old.

What I have mostly done is to throw out the refined, low-cholesterol oils from my kitchen and replace them with butter and butter ghee, extra virgin olive oil and cold-pressed coconut oil. I also abstain from meat, refined foods, food and drinks containing sugar in any form and the junk foods and processed foods with which American corporates have polluted the world. Of course, cola and other carbonated drinks are a strict no-no.

I also stopped the cardio aspirin that I was told was absolutely essential to thin my blood. after reading of intensive medical research that failed to prove the claim. Most of all, I stopped the deadly statin drugs that were prescribed after the operation. It is a well-known fact among experts that both statin and BP drugs eventually kill the patient but the manufacturers – and often your doctor – do not want you to know this.

There were certain other steps I have had to take, but these involved mostly switching to organically-grown foods and using age-old Ayurvedic herbal remedies that cost comparatively little. I have also had to include certain vitamins and trace elements as dietary supplements. In the process I have learned that our state of health and general well-being is largely determined by what we eat and drink.

In the past year I have learned that there are natural ways of avoiding and even curing most diseases. The most important aspect of natural cures is to be constantly aware that one’s state of health is largely dependent on what one eats and drinks. I have also become aware of the fact that many Indian traditional foods and spices are medicinal in themselves.

Mankind was conned into eating junk and taking dangerous drugs that benefit their manufacturers more than they do the consumers. In fact, allopathic drugs rarely cure any affliction. They merely manage the symptoms and keep the patient alive to continue buying the preparation that would in all likelihood eventually kill him or her more effectively than the disease itself.

Those on the spiritual path are aware that Kali Yuga for all intents and purposes is now behind us and that Prema Yuga, the age of Truth and Unconditional Love lies ahead. It is hardly surprising that recent research is increasingly exposing misconceptions and even the blatant untruths that have blighted the lives of millions of people all over this planet.

In the coming decades, people’s dietary habits and health practices will undergo drastic change. The process has already started. Medical practices and the pharmaceutical industry will themselves change diametrically.

In the coming months, I shall be writing increasingly on this subject. It is my way of showing gratitude for the wonderful way in which I was guided back to good health after knocking on Death’s door.

Please read the attachment for an article that appeared, surprisingly, in “The Telegraph” in London.

Om Nama Shivaya,
Om Sai Ram

VivekAnanda Naicker

VivekAnanda Naicker
Puttaparthi, Anantapur Dist,

Anjaneya, ancient protector of this Universe

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