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The Key to Good Health Lies in Natural Medicine: Part 2

There is much on offer from Ancient India and its Ayurvedic remedies. India and its denizens do themselves a disservice if they copy the so-called “west” in fashion, culture, foods and medicines. What is needed is a return to the simple village lifestyle as advocated by the Avatar of this Age, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Here, we go over properties of some ancient – and proven – remedies of India of yesteryear, Bharat.

There is something that has to be understood about allopathic medicine and Big Pharma: In much hope, you continue to take the drugs that your doctor prescribes in the hope that you would be cured of whatever you are suffering, only to discover belatedly that a cure is only a pie in the sky. Pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of curing people’s ailments. If they did, they would go out of business.



Part 2:

By Vivek Naicker

In the first instalment of this two-part series, it was explained how a powerful natural medicine that really works could be made in one’s own kitchen using ordinary spices that have been used by countless generations of Eastern peoples.

A four-powder mixture of common spices that is an effective preventative and even a cure for numerous diseases was described. One of the main ingredients was turmeric. Most familiar to Eastern peoples who have used it for various purposes for millennia, the medicinal properties of the root spice are only now being discovered by the west.

Although the focus in that first instalment was on that most common of diseases, arthritis, the mixture is also effective against numerous other afflictions especially inflammation of the muscles, arteries and organs caused by junk foods and toxins now widespread in the food industry. Inflammation is thought to be the universal cause of a multitude of diseases that have become prevalent in recent decades.

The article explained how natural remedies work along the lines of molecular recognition by the body’s metabolism. This means that the effects of the remedy are not usually noticeable immediately. Natural medicines, unlike allopathic drugs that merely suppress symptoms and have only temporary effect, work slowly but effectively through the metabolism.

Also stated was the fact that natural medicines often give not only relief from symptoms but frequently effect complete cures. The first part of the article ended with the promise to tell you why you should make the powders a permanent component of your natural medicine cabinet.

Now read on…


For the sake of demonstration, the hated disease arthritis was chosen as one example of the numerous diseases that respond to treatment with the four-spice mixture. The simple reason was that the author himself was afflicted with this disease after his five-bypass operation and in seeking relief, used himself, under the supervision of his Ayurvedic practitioner, as his own laboratory guinea pig.

It is known to be a safe, effective medication for relief from arthritis and might even cure totally. In the first part of this article, it was stated that relief from symptoms of the disease should come within a few days after the start to about a week or two after the first dose. It was advised that from here on, one should play it by ear.

The article went on:

When there is noticeable relief, start reducing the number of times you take the mixture daily. It might even come down to one teaspoonful each morning. The symptoms would in all likelihood have disappeared by then. However, do not stop taking the mixture completely. Merely cut down the dosage to a teaspoonful on an empty stomach first thing in the morning after brushing your teeth.

When you reach this point, continue taking it for the rest of your life. But hold on… Why should you continue taking it even after your arthritis or whatever else seems to be cured?


You should continue simply because turmeric, as the west is belatedly discovering, is one of the most versatile and powerful natural medicines as well as food substances known to mankind. It is, you might be surprised to know, also the most powerful natural antibiotic and antiseptic known.

Turmeric will not only relieve you of pain from your arthritis or arthritis-related ailments, but protect you from numerous other ailments and disease-causing micro-organisms, externally as well as internally. It will balance the microbial action in your digestive system and help eliminate harmful bacteria and other parasites. Consequently, it boosts your immune system.

What is perhaps its most crucially important medicinal quality is that it is a more powerful and absolutely safe anti-inflammatory agent than any pharmaceutical drug. This alone makes it the most pivotal of natural medicines. There is nothing in allopathic medicine that comes anywhere close, which is why a pharmaceutical giant attempted to sneakily patent it not long ago.

Recent medical research has shown that inflammation of the body generally and of muscles, arteries and organs in particular to be the main cause of most diseases prevalent today. This is modern man’s legacy through eating junk foods and foods contaminated with agricultural chemicals.


One of the biggest cancer-causing foods – the mixture for hot dogs

Among other beneficial effects, the four-spice mixture will also help you to lose body weight and boost the metabolism in ways that bring relief even to those with diabetes which has exploded the world over in this age of junk food. Recent medical research indicates that turmeric could also help prevent cancer.

If you are taking the four-powder mixture regularly, it is most unlikely that you would ever need to have a by-pass operation because of “cholesterol-blocked” arteries. The turmeric will reduce inflammation which is the real cause of restricted blood circulation and allow for a free flow of oxygen to your heart and thus help prevent heart problems.

Each of the other three ingredients also has amazing preventative and curative qualities. The pepper, multiplies the efficacy of the turmeric many times over. Together, they work like magic. Go into the Internet and do a bit of surfing. Type “Medicinal properties of turmeric” into Google. Also do the same with ginger, fenugreek (methi) and black pepper. Surprising facts will come up.


There are even claims, as yet not conclusively proven but research is ongoing, that turmeric could help prevent, if not cure, cancer, among other diseases. Medical researchers, nutritionists and others are constantly making new discoveries confirming the medicinal efficacy of all four ancient condiments. This could indicate why older generations of Indians and other Eastern peoples were so much healthier than we are today.

Some multi-national pharmaceutical companies, have even tried, believe it or not, to patent turmeric which Indians and other eastern people have been using for unknown millennia. They claimed to have isolated the chemical substance curcumin as the active ingredient in turmeric and on this flimsy excuse attempted to obtain a world patent. Greed is a hideous monster. Fortunately, the Indian Ayurvedic industry got to know about the ploy and stepped in just in time to stop the devious attempt.

Even after this close shave, the pharmas were not about to give up. They started marketing turmeric as curcumin at a price. Do not fall for this blatant chicanery. The “active ingredient” in their dressed-up pharmaceutical preparations is the same turmeric you and your ancestors have been using for untold generations in your kitchens and in your folk remedies.



All this should alert you to the fact that there are potentially more safe palliatives and cures for many contemporary diseases in the average Indian kitchen than there are in an allopathic medical store or pharmacy. This ancient knowledge is now starting to be re-discovered by growing numbers of medical researchers and even lay people, not only in India but the world over.


This is why I have been advising Indians to go back to their traditional foods and methods of cooking without delay. This is one way to avoid falling to one or other of the four deadly epidemics now raging through humankind globally – obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Junk and processed foods including dangerous fruit and vegetables grown from genetically modified seeds have now penetrated even once-remote parts of the world.

Kali Yuga, the age of falsehood and deception, has ended. We are now in the cusp between that dark age and the approaching Age of Truth. As more and more people become aware of that rapidly approaching Golden Age, the blatant lies and deception to which mankind has been subjected by callous, profit-mad cheats becomes crystal clear.

Just imagine what could have happened if the unscrupulous pharmaceutical company had not been stopped in its attempts to patent curcumin. You could very well have ended up needing a prescription every time you went to your grocer to replenish your supply of turmeric for your grocery cupboard, without which no Indian kitchen can survive.



If you think this far-fetched, let me assure you that there are many of other age-old, highly beneficial natural substances that have been banned as dangerous on the flimsiest of excuses by western law-making agencies. The forces behind the bans are not as concerned about your health and mine as they are about their loss of profits from dangerous allopathic drugs if the cheap, natural alternatives are freely available.


And what do they market as artificial alternatives? They offer synthetic drugs that at best give temporary relief by masking symptoms but often have dangerous after-effects. In other words, these manage your symptom so that you continue to buy the chemical concoctions for as long as possible before you eventually succumb to the drug’s side effects.

In much hope, you continue to take the drugs that your doctor prescribes in the hope that you would be cured of whatever you are suffering, only to discover belatedly that a cure is only a pie in the sky. Pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of curing people’s ailments. If they did, they would go out of business.

All modern high blood pressure medications, for instance, almost invariably eventually kill the patient. Yet by just eating properly and taking certain other simple steps such as basic yoga breathing exercises, one can eliminate high Blood Pressure. I did, painlessly, and at no cost. And I am certainly not the local Einstein.

It would be possible to give you many examples, but this falls outside the scope of this article. Let me give you just two examples before moving on. One is a simple vitamin, B17, This inexpensive Vitamin has been found in laboratory experiments to have a remarkable effect on cancer cells. It actually kills them while not harming surrounding healthy cells.


The other is cannabis (“dagga” in South Africa, “ganja” in India and marijuana in much of the rest of the world) which must easily rank as one of the most stunningly beneficial plants known to mankind.

It’s probably best known for the fact that addicts smoke it to get high. It is this abuse by hippies, dropouts and curious youngsters that has given it a bad name – and the flimsy excuse to ban its cultivation and use on the grounds that it contains natural traces of arsenic. Yet tobacco cigarettes contain hundreds of harmful chemicals, including arsenic and cyanide, and they are sold legally. Tobacco smoking kills millions of people all over the world every year, while comparatively few die because of their habit of smoking cannabis, or marijuana.

The great tragedy is that by governments banning cannabis, mankind is deprived of the real benefits of arguably one of the most amazingly versatile plants on this planet. It has the potential to improve the quality of life of man and animal in multiple ways and completely alter our current headlong dash for the precipice.

All parts of the plant are amazingly useful. Many experts swear that cancer can be cured simply by orally taking oil made from cannabis seeds. These are a valuable source of dietary protein for both humans and animals. Oil from the seed is selectively deadly to cancer cells.

This is not something the general public is told, although it knows all about chemotherapy, which is far more profitable to the medical industry. Yet its success rate is scandalous. Ridiculously more chemotherapy patients die than are cured. Check this out for yourself on the Internet, for the truth is there.

Lands damaged by chemical use can be rehabilitated simply by planting cannabis which draws out and neutralises harmful agro chemicals very quickly. It can do this with the poorest and most damaged of soils. Moreover, it could add enormously to the oxygen content of the atmosphere.

This alone could alter the course of global ecological disaster on this planet, for even if intensive campaigns to plant more trees are undertaken, the cannabis plant matures within a matter of weeks while a tree takes years.

With intensive cultivation of cannabis, no trees need ever be cut down again to make paper, compressed boards and other indispensable materials requiring a cellulose base. The crucial fact is that the plant can help reverse the severe ecological damage done to this planet by the misuse of chemicals. Extensive cannabis plantations can also alter rainfall patterns and thus help stabilise deteriorating weather.

The cannabis plant’s fibre can be used for everything from fine clothing and carpets to ropes and matting to building material. Paper made from its pulp is as good as paper made from trees. It can be recycled many times more often than paper made from wood pulp. Because it is such a versatile plant with numerous health benefits, it was demonised by those who control us simply because it would reduce their profits from drugs and certain other products.


All the vital information necessary for good health is on the Internet. Millions who are computer literate have the facts at their fingertips. Yet the great tragedy is that they continue to become victims of the four great life-threatening epidemics of this age: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

This is not to suggest that you should dispense with the services of your doctor. Self-medication and self-treatment are not advisable no matter how well you have researched the subject. What is being suggested is that you should not slavishly accept everything that your medical practitioner tells you. In these days of generally higher education and accessibility to the Internet, any reasonably educated person can double-check and ask his doctor for clarification. After all, it’s your life!

If you are Indian and want to see a dramatic change in your family health, return completely to Indian food and throw out all western processed and junk “fast” foods from your home. Westerners should do the same, actually. If you are not Indian, there are hundreds of Indian cook books in the bookshops and on the Internet. Better still, ask an Indian friend to teach you to cook Indian style. Indians are usually delighted to teach non-Indians their culinary know-how.



Yet there is no compulsion for westerners to adopt an Indian diet if they do not particularly like Indian food. Simply change your eating and cooking style. Stop eating junk, buy only organically-grown fruit and vegetables. Throw away your frying pan and use your steamer more. Start to cook with and make your own sauces with safe oils such as extra virgin olive, cold-pressed sesame, coconut, ghee (clarified butter) and peanut. Eject all forms of sugar from your kitchen and your life. Sugar is poison, period. While you’re at it, throw away your microwave oven. Microwaves appliances scramble the brain and cause untold damage in various ways.

Most western food in your supermarket is junk and quite likely toxic too. Never touch processed, junk and fast foods, confectionery, biscuits and all foods and beverages containing sugar in any form, sauces, salad dressings, breakfast cereals with sugar, fizzy drinks and fruit juices, boxed or otherwise. They are all harmful to your health. As you can see, there is very little in the average supermarket that is genuinely healthy.

The day is fast approaching when humankind will awaken from its present slumber, dispense with parasites and opportunists who have been exploiting it to its detriment for untold ages and once and for all switch completely to natural medicines that hardly cost anything, exactly as the Creator intended. People will also turn completely to organically grown fruit, vegetables and herbs, medicinal and otherwise. Many are joining neighbourhood gardening clubs and learning to grow their own fruits, berries and vegetables.


community gardens are fast becoming a way to obtain fresh, unpolluted foods

Sooner than most people think, allopathic drugs will be mostly used in emergencies such as accidents, acts of violence and acute infections. Mankind will by then have returned to its normal, God-given state, which is perpetual good health, simply through eating and drinking as Nature intended.

The efficacy of the spices in your kitchen and plants in your garden and in the wilds was taught to our ancestors by ancient rishis who were also our mathematicians, philosophers and scientists. They knew far more than today’s “technological” upstarts and pretenders.

When that day dawns – and that will be sooner than many think – the man-made epidemics now rampaging so ruthlessly through the rank and file of humanity: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, will disappear once and for all, as would many other common diseases and much of today’s allopathic medical industry.


In Google, look up “Vitamin B17 and cancer” and “Foods containing Vitamin B17”.

There are several fruits with stony pips such as apricots and bitter almond, plums, peach, apples and vegetables and cereals that contain high amounts of Vitamin B17. Eat them as regularly as you can. Some researchers believe that B17 is capable of curing cancer painlessly.

The ancient grain millet, of which many types are grown in India and other parts of the world, is rich in Vitamin B17. Ask your Indian grocer for Foxtail Millet or Little Millet rice. Use this instead of rice a few times a week. Finger millet, called Ragi in India, is a cheap and amazing source of almost instant energy. It makes a lovely porridge which I eat regularly since I gave up wheat products high in gluten.

It is an interesting fact that Vitamin B17 had been blacklisted by the FDA on the grounds that it has traces of arsenic. Yet other foodstuffs containing arsenic are not banned for sale to the public. Even tobacco contains traces of arsenic and cyanide and this, in this upside down world of skewed concepts and double talk, is commercially kosher.


In an otherwise promising scenario, a cautionary note is been sounded. Recently, urgent warnings have appeared on the Internet focusing on the “dangerous” side effects of turmeric if taken simultaneously with certain allopathic blood thinners. The reports were cunningly couched in terms meant to evoke a negative image that would discourage use of turmeric as medicine.

 this warning is designed to spook the reader
the real warning is about mixing drugs with natural remedies

Yet turmeric has been used safely for thousands of years and it has only recently been found that there could be adverse reactions if taken simultaneously with certain recently-developed allopathic chemical drugs. It is the drugs that cause the reaction if ingested simultaneously with the turmeric, so which is the real demon in disguise? The Johnny-come-lately, I should think.

The obvious solution if you are taking allopathic medicines and are planning to use the turmeric remedy is to ask your doctor.

on 24 December 2017:

Om Namah Shivaya,
Om Sai Ram

VivekAnanda Naicker

VivekAnanda Naicker
AP, India



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