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The Key to Good Health Lies in Natural Medicine: Part 1

In mid December, 2012, I had a dangerous and debilitating multiple bypass operation in a South African private hospital after which I died. A Voice in the golden mist into which I floated in bliss sent me back saying it was not yet my time, that I still had much work to do. In great reluctance, I returned.

After recuperating from my ordeal for two years on a quiet South African farm, I was called back to India. It was only then, while trying desperately to re-gain my stolen health, that I learnt of natural preventatives and even total cures for every known disease, including the so-called “cholesterol-blocked arteries” which, according to my cardiologist, necessitated my urgent by-pass surgery. These natural cures abound not only in India but also elsewhere around the world.



Part 1:

By Vivek Naicker

If I had known this before the operation, I would never have consented to undergo what I now know is a totally unnecessary procedure that benefits the medical-pharmaceutical profession infinitely more than it does the patient. In terms of what I now know, a multiple bypass operation is nothing but selfish, unnecessary butchery. It is as much a rip off as is chemotherapy.


Perhaps I should add at this stage that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my heart and all tests indicated this. The only problem, my doctors told me before the operation, was that five major arteries leading to the heart were “heavily lined with plaque” and seriously restricting blood flow. They estimated that I would die between the next thirty to sixty days.

When confronted by a panel of doctors with such a dire prediction, all rationality usually abandons the patient (“victim” might be more appropriate) in a perfectly human reaction.

When they advised me to discuss it with my family and get back to them with my decision, I asked if there were alternatives. They said there were no alternatives but that I was free to seek a second and even third opinion, if that was how I felt.

I thought of the thirty to sixty-day grace period dwindling down while I ran around getting other opinions and I thought, bugger it, why run around with the clock ticking away? These chaps sound knowledgeable enough, so why shouldn’t I just take their word for it?

So I said, “There will be no need for that. Go ahead and make the arrangements for the operation.”

And so the operation happened. Afterwards, when I started to feel the after effects, gusts of anger and resentment began to blow through my life. Yet, with hindsight, I am now convinced that it’s an ill wind that blows no good. If it were not for that anger and resentment, I would not be writing this. Let me tell you how this happened.




I was appalled when within weeks of the operation, signs of arthritis manifested on my hands. I had never suffered this affection previously. I was distressed when the pain started and the swellings of the joints quickly followed, but I was not angry. The anger was to come later.

When these symptoms surged to frighteningly painful levels after my debilitating, multiple by-pass operation, I consulted doctors who me that there was no cure for arthritis. At best, they suggested dangerous allopathic painkillers which would have seriously damaged my liver or even caused it to fail.

On returning to India three years after the surgery, certain circumstances led to my discovering that my costly bypass operation had been totally unnecessary. The blockage in my arteries that the cardiologists erroneously attributed to plaque caused by cholesterol could have been cleared with simple natural medication.

Since then, I have been assiduously researching traditional natural cures as well as local spices and herbs in my quest for traditional natural remedies for all ailments. Before advising others, I decided to become my own guinea pig and try some of these remedies on myself.

After a year on the turmeric and other common spice mixture, I am* not only cured of all aches and pains but the unsightly swellings of the joints of the fingers of both hands began to disappear after two years of the treatment. For this alone, I need no further proof than to hold up my hands. The fingers which were swelling grotesquely at the joints have now gone back to normal. More importantly the pain in my hands which had become a constant nightmare after the operation has also disappeared.




Medical researchers have found in recent years that it is inflammation of the muscles and arteries and not “arteries clogged with plaque” that lead to cardiac problems. This inflammation is essentially caused by wrong eating habits. The inflamed arteries constrict the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart. In my particular case, given that I have had to have the bypass surgery, all signs of inflammation in my body have disappeared after starting the turmeric therapy.

In my particular case, given that I have had to have the bypass surgery, all signs of inflammation in my body have disappeared. Medical researchers have found in recent years that it is this inflammation and not “arteries clogged with plaque” that lead to cardiac problems. The inflamed arteries constrict the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart.

Before starting with the turmeric mixture, I developed severe breathlessness on returning to India two years after the operation. I attributed this to my childhood asthma and resorted to atomisers. Within weeks of starting the turmeric mixture, the breathlessness disappeared completely. I also began to lose body bulk. This was simply because my inflamed arteries and muscles were returning to normal.

There have also been other beneficial side-effects. I have lost weight and no longer have a “middle-age bulge”. To my great delight, my pants size has dropped from 44 to 36. This means I can wear jeans again without looking like an aged hippie caught in a time warp.

My gait and sense of balance which had become noticeably shaky after the operation have improved to the extent that I can walk confidently without need for a walking stick. Another significant effect is that my bowel movements have become perfectly regular. As any health practitioner would tell you, this is one of the most crucial factors for good health.


There is a natural preventative and cure for every known ailment on earth. Yet, in this age of deception and insatiable greed, the truth about natural medicines has been wilfully obscured by those who profit from our ignorance. The Age of Truth is fast dawning when it will become generally known that there is hardly any need to poison ourselves with allopathic drugs. Most will by then know that these give only temporary relief while often causing serious side-effects and possibility new epidemics.

A vast array of traditional remedies in India are made from natural substances, often food plants and herbs, flowers and ordinary culinary spices that can relieve discomfort and act as preventatives. These have been used for countless generations.

What is even more amazing is that ancient rishis who were also the scientists of those times formulated spice combinations that could be used in the day to day cooking of ordinary fruit, vegetables and herbs to give the dish medicinal effect. Thus the great Indian tradition of food that is also natural medicine was born. In the Vedic tradition, one’s food was one’s medicine. In other words, eat correctly and forget about disease.

Significantly, all spices are modestly priced and affordable for most people. Many of these spices are used in the Hindu tradition of Ayurveda or other natural medicine. What is most important is that, unlike allopathic medicines which rarely cure any disease, natural medicines very often cure completely.

Why is it then that more people do not use natural cures rather than ineffective allopathic drugs manufactured by the international pharmaceutical giants, you might ask. If you value honesty, the answer is quite simple, though the truth is revealing if not embarrassing.

Truth is, we are as gullible and as vulnerable today as we were in the days of the old snake oil salesmen and other fairground cheats of American wild west fame. We believe the poppycock told to us by conmen and scoundrels simply because we read it in a newspaper, saw it on a billboard, heard it on the radio, saw it on television – or our doctor told us.




Constant media brainwashing has bamboozled us out of thinking deeply enough to work out that the old travelling fairgrounds and their lying hangers-on have been replaced in this day and age by the media. Globally, newspapers, magazines, radio and television channels are today mostly owned by those same multinational corporations that own just about everything else, including the greater proportion of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

They employ “executives” of the same ilk as the old fairground shysters. These unscrupulous people then sell us everything from safety pins to household appliances to processed and junk foods to polluting motor vehicles and dangerous fashion accessories that contribute vastly to utterly ruining our health and our environment. The media has become their most effective instrument of persuasion.

Even though I earned my living from journalism for the greater part of my working life, I stopped subscribing to the mainstream media years ago. I do not even read newspapers. When the truth dawned that the media globally is currently largely owned by a small, wealthy elite, it was time to make a sensible decision in my own interests. Now I will not allow a radio or a television set into my home, or even newspapers and magazines. I have other sources of unbiased, real news, unlike most people glued to their questionable TV news or newspapers.

Sadly, the cunning swindlers have even penetrated that last refuge of the truth, the Internet. If one already depends on the Internet for alternative, reliable news, one has to exercise caution and due diligence to get past the lying manipulators.

The unfortunate and embarrassing truth is that most of us are too lazy to think for ourselves. So we fall in line with our wallets and credit cards to buy from the modern equivalent of the old fairground shyster. Then we wonder why we had to end up with a multiple bypass operation, despite doing as the media reports and advertising had suggested.

In the years after I returned to India I have not only been wondering about my own costly gullibility but about the millions who will go through the same ordeal that I did without knowing the truth. That was when I decided to use the years with which I have been graced to help others to discover the truth as I did, but less painfully and expensively.


We’ll start right here. As proof of what I’m saying, I’ll give you a sure-fire method for effective relief if not a cure for, among other ailments, arthritis, one of the most common, painful and crippling diseases today for people over the age of forty and often younger.

In the process, this simple remedy could help prevent or even permanently cure several other afflictions, especially inflammation of the veins, arteries and muscles. Ethical medical practitioners are discovering that inflammation is the most likely cause of blocked arteries and poor circulation leading to heart disease, and not “plaque caused by bad cholesterol” as ignorantly or dishonestly propagated by the pharmaceutical and medical industry for decades.

Actually, there is no such animal as “bad cholesterol” within the body. Modern independent research has found that it is so much of poppycock invented by spin doctors to sell their spurious products. Of course, one can consume excessive amounts of cholesterol in the form of fatty meat, lard and other animal products. This would be harmful to health, but the body itself makes only cholesterol that it needs.

Your designer-suited medical specialist will tell you that your arthritis or whatever related disease is incurable. He is trained to tell you that and he will also shoot down anything you might say that you have read or heard about that is contrary to what he’s telling you, such as this article.

Now let’s get down to the real relief that I promised. On the way home from your specialist’s posh consulting rooms in the most fashionable shopping mall in town, stop by your local Indian grocer to buy a few food items that are common in Indian and other eastern households. You will not need a lot of money because they are staples and in plentiful supply, as they always have been.

All you will need are some common spices that have been used for many thousands of years and which you in all probability know well. Simply remember to follow the instructions exactly, especially in relation to the amounts that you will have to purchase. Do not run to your grocery cupboard after reading this and scrape up small amounts of the spices already there for your cooking. I’ll tell you the very sound reason for this later in this article.

The method of preparation is simplicity itself, as are storage and dosage. Here’s how:


100 grams pure turmeric
100 grams dried ginger
100 grams methi (fenugreek) seed
25 grams black pepper
(If these have been organically-grown, so much the better)

1 glass/plastic pickle jar to contain all three of the above powders combined

Back in your kitchen-cum-laboratory, put on your dust coat and pick up your calibrating/blending instrument, which today is a tablespoon with a longish handle. You will not need a scale because you have sensibly bought the spices in measured, equal quantities (except for the pepper).


Empty all three of the 100g sachets as well as 25g of pepper into the jar. Shake it vigorously and also stir it with the spoon to mix the powders as thoroughly as you can. The grains of each powder have to be as evenly mixed with the others as possible. This is most important. Shake and stir thoroughly with a spoon and stir again (the shaking is good exercise for you too, so do a little jig if you want).

If you’re satisfied that you’ve mixed the powders well enough, screw on the lid tightly. Store this in a dark part of your kitchen cupboard. Lastly, rinse the tablespoon and put it away and hang your dust coat behind the kitchen door. Wash your hands and freshen up and abracadabra! Now you’re all set for the grand transformation to a pain-free and generally disease-free life (provided that you follow a sensible diet without processed and junk food).

You can start right away or tomorrow morning Do not be finicky about exact dosage because it is not necessary to use precise amounts simply because this powerful remedy consists of food substances that people have been using in India and elsewhere in the East for many thousands of years. Nothing in the mixture can harm you. You simply cannot overdose.*


Take one slightly heaped teaspoonful of the mixture, swirl briskly in half a teacup of lukewarm or even cold, preferably filtered, water and swallow. Do this soon after you brush your teeth in the morning and before you eat or drink anything else. You’ll soon get used to the slightly acrid though not unpleasant taste.

If your condition is bad, have another slightly heaped teaspoonful half an hour before lunch. You can do the same a half hour before dinner. Do not worry about over- dosing; it’s simply impossible. If that were possible, the Indian population would not be the second largest in the world that it is today.

The secret is to take this daily without a break until your bottle is down to almost empty. When it reaches that critical level, go out and buy another four sachets of the powders and add these to the jar. Repeat the shaking and mixing.


Bodily metabolism is not the same in everybody. All of us react differently to medication and food. This is why I insisted right at the beginning of the formula/recipe (I cannot quite make up my mind which word to use because both are valid) that you should mix 325 grams at a time.

If you mix the powders daily or in small batches using bits off your spice shelf, you’ll probably tire after a few doses and abandon what could turn out to be the most valuable lesson an arthritis sufferer/ diabetic/ heart disease sufferer/ cancer patient/ obese person could learn.

Natural medicines take longer to take effect, but when they do, it is lasting and often completely curative. These do not bring relief as rapidly as artificial, chemical ones do because amazingly, natural medicines work through your metabolism in a way that nature intended, where molecule recognises like molecule. Unlike many allopathic medicines, natural ones will not eventually kill you.

It is astounding just how much this simple mixture improves your overall health. So mix a sizeable quantity of the four-powder combination that would last you at least a month. This puts your conscience under obligation to finish the full course. Not only that, but it is a fact that anything done consistently for two or three weeks is likely to become a habit. It’s basic psychology.

Relief from symptoms should come within a few days after you start to about a week or two after the first dose. From here on, play it by ear. When there is noticeable relief, start reducing the number of times you take the mixture daily. It might even come down to one teaspoonful each morning.

The symptoms would in all likelihood have disappeared by then. However, do not stop taking the mixture completely. Merely cut down the dosage to a teaspoonful first thing in the morning after brushing your teeth.

I’ll tell you why in the next instalment.

To be continued ….

Om Sai Ram

*Recent reports have appeared on the Internet of adverse reactions if turmeric preparations are taken simultaneously with certain allopathic drugs. If you are on allopathic medication such as blood thinners and intend taking this mixture, consult your doctor.



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