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Scientists estimate that in the past 45 years alone, more than 60% of the world’s wildlife has become extinct. This includes animals, birds, reptiles, fish, cetaceans, amphibians, insects, micro-organisms and plants. The cause of this sacrilege is almost entirely Man.

Rishis, the scientists of the Hindus, have always taught that no creature or organism extant on Mother Earth is extraneous to its ecological systems. Everything that exists, the rishis said, has its role to play in the natural order of things. Nothing is indispensable, nothing is a “pest”.

They were in fact talking, since the most ancient times, about the Unified Field Theory that quantum physicists have only just stumbled upon.

In the digital age that has swept across the world since the first American moon landing just over 50 years ago, Man has all but forgotten that he is integral to the natural order, that he is as dependent on it as are all living things.

All life forms including man are now dying in inordinate numbers. The cause of the unnatural death rate is “modern” man himself. In his insanity, he has created the instruments of his own destruction.

Profit-oriented commercial corporations and their mad scientists still do not seem to understand that all life forms are integral to a unified field that has to remain intact for life to continue. In their parochial fervour, they continue to eliminate, with diabolical passion, what they perceive as “pests”.

If you can tear yourself away from your smart phone long enough to read the writing on the wall, open the link below to see what happened three days ago in New Zealand:

Om Sigh Ram!!



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