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Rising Public Consciousness and Critical Mass

There is a growing awareness of the fact that multinational companies involved in the rape of the planet are owned by a handful of the wealthiest people on earth. Human progress and the advent of the Golden Age assure us that new forms of energy will be discovered and peace will prevail on Earth. There will be no reason to raise a weapon, one against another, for awareness of the inherent divinity within will rise in consciousness.


In this age of widespread anxiety, confusion and fear, it has become the common belief among people everywhere that mankind has reached the edge of the proverbial cliff, that the world and the human race are now in a make-or-break situation. To make matters worse, it also happens to be the end of a dark age – Kali Yuga, with fearsome rumours of a pending world catastrophe.

This state of fear and widespread depression can be traced back to the system which was deceitfully contrived aeons ago by a small elite group to keep mankind in perpetual bondage. This encompasses our belief systems and our entire way of life from birth to death in the present western-dominated world civilisation.

The Mind and the Mass Media

In this day and age, one element of the modern way of life, advertising, is particularly important for its inordinate power to influence the masses. The perfect vehicle for advertising is the media in the form of newspapers, news magazines, radio and television and of course, movies. In the hands of experts with a sound knowledge of psychology, advertising can become a powerfully insidious tool. Over the years since its inception in England, experts found that they could sell virtually any commodity or concept with a well-designed advertisement or two.

It was a short step from paid advertisements to the news columns. Ideas can also be planted through innocuous-looking news reports. It’s easy when those who have most need to advertise and also to control own the majority of the world’s largest newspapers, radio stations and TV channels.

Among the multinational companies that today’s elite own are those that employ you, as well as your bankers, educators, medical service providers including private hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, processed and fast food manufacturers, wineries and wine merchants, fashion design houses and clothiers, computer and cellular telephone manufacturers, motor vehicle and armaments manufacturers, motor vehicle retail franchises, fossil fuel suppliers, print, radio and television journalists and publishers, supermarket chains, soft drinks manufacturers, movie producers and financiers, hotels and casinos, shopping mall developers, giant monoculture farms, etcetera, etcetera.

In other words, they own just about everything that keeps the modern social system ticking. In fact they virtually own you. Most of us do not realise it, but our likes and dislikes, our racial and political attitudes, our craving for material things, for certain types of foods, drinks, clothes, cosmetics, motor cars, appliances or lifestyle, have all been planted, subtly and not so subtly, in our minds by the media to which we are addicted.

We fondly believe that the mainstream media keeps us informed while in actual fact it does exactly the opposite, either by distorting the facts or by omission. By not covering certain events at all, it keeps us in the dark. This suits its purposes, for one can act positively only if one is fully informed.

What advertising does superbly is to create persuasive images in your mind, with expensive, full colour pictures that now abound in your morning newspaper or TV screen. Was the sudden craving for a burger after reading the Sunday morning newspaper an inexplicable natural urge or was it insidiously planted there? Have you ever wondered why anyone would go to such costly lengths to advertise a hamburger? Why does your 14-year old pester you for a smart phone?

Give that last question some thought. The answer is that someone somewhere has realised that the confusion of puberty is exploitable, and is profiting from the knowledge. Profit is the name of today’s insane game in the monstrosity called the economy.

Those expensive media advertisements influence our behaviour in ways that delight the hidden manipulators. They revel in our impressionability and laugh all the way to the banks (which they own).

To a large extent, we have become what some writers and others critical of the modern lifestyle call ‘bio-robots”. Like Zombies, we unthinkingly comply with insidious concepts with which we have been subconsciously indoctrinated, largely through the media.

The Global Economy

Despite the constant deluge of open as well as subliminal advertising and disinformation, growing numbers of people are becoming aware of the reckless abuse by a small, moneyed elite of natural principles affecting this fragile planet and of the disastrous effects this is having on human and animal populations.

There is a growing awareness of the fact that multinational companies involved in the rape of the planet are owned by a handful of the wealthiest people on earth. It is widely known that in their determination to wield power over mankind, these sick people seem oblivious to morality and civilised values. More and more ordinary people are becoming anxious at the wholesale destruction of finely-balanced ecological systems all over the world by giant commercial organisations in their demented pursuit of higher profits.

People everywhere are distressed that their governments seem powerless to stop the mindless looting of Planet Earth and her limited resources, most often at the expense of citizens. In this hopelessly misguided, materialistic age, even governments seem to quail before super money power. Consequently, millions world-wide have sunk into hopeless despair for the future. If governments are powerless, what can ordinary citizens do? Massive public demonstrations in the USA, Europe, Australia and elsewhere in recent times attest to the extent of public alarm and concern.

The global economy, social structures, political equilibrium, law, order and justice and most of all, safe water and food supplies and public health infrastructures, are now on the verge of collapse in many countries. To many, even in some of the most advanced societies, the end of the road seems to have been reached. Yet the average citizen is not likely to learn of these trends in the mainstream media which most of us rely on for information.

Despite the deafening media silence on vital issues, ordinary, lay people are waking up to the fact that mankind and Mother Nature are integral to each other, that to abuse Nature is to undermine the very foundations of all life on this lonely blue speck we call Earth floating in the backwoods of space. Increasingly, people are becoming aware of the interconnectedness of all life on earth if not in the cosmos. There is a growing body of resistance, especially among younger people, to the current massive and unholy exploitation of mankind and its sensitive habitat.


Psychics and spiritually-inclined people and even some scientists believe that for mankind to make it across the chasm that yawns at the end of Kali Yuga and into the next stage of our development, if indeed there is any, depends on critical mass.

Many of us are familiar with of the quantum theory of critical mass – the hundredth monkey effect (read on Wikipedia). In these latter years of Kali Yuga, there has been a growing belief that what seems to be the scientific principle of critical mass will kick in at a certain unpredictable moment. This will, hopefully, eventually lead to a curtailment of the unnatural power and influence of those who have grown accustomed to having things their own way.

Those who subscribe to the theory argue that the principle of critical mass has been observed to work in nature. They insist that even though not all people on this planet are aware that their natural inheritance is being usurped, the awareness is growing. As long as there are sensitive people who are committed to spreading the word, the numbers of sensitised people would grow exponentially until a “critical mass” kicks in.

This critical mass is an unknown, magical number which, when eventually attained, would instantly result in the entire human race rising simultaneously to a higher level of awareness. This awareness – or consciousness, if you want – is what the sages of India have through the ages referred to as “self realisation”.

One has to be mindful of the fact that not everybody who is on earth at the present time would be here when critical mass takes place. Natural attrition exacerbated by the disease epidemics that presently blight the human race and any of the new diseases now manifesting, as well as falling birth rates coupled with earth changes will be determining factors.

Self-improvement is Important

Over and above all this, personal dimensional choice will determine exactly who makes it into eventual critical mass numbers. It can be assumed that only those who engaged in self-inquiry as Sri Sathya Sai Baba constantly advised, would make it into what would amount to a critical mass determined by the infallible vibrations, as opposed to religious judgement, of a sentient universe.

So according to the theory, at some time in the very near future (which could be at any time from now to the end of the next two decades, when the Prema Sai would announce His presence), we will achieve the magical number representing the critical mass and what then exists as mankind would, as a whole and all at once, attain a higher level of awareness or consciousness even though only a certain percentage would actually be at a higher level of awareness at that particular moment.


At that magical instant, when critical mass is achieved and all who are alive at the time acquire full awareness or “self-realisation”, the long-promised Golden Age will begin and mankind will start to enter a thousand-year period of diametrical change from our present way of life. Because of natural attrition and earth and other changes in the period of transition, human numbers at the time would be considerably less than they are now.

Of course, things would not magically transform for the better overnight. Change will happen gradually but steadily in a climate conducive to change. In the two or three decades ahead, until natural attrition and other events, both man-made and natural, take their course, there will be a mixture of souls on earth. Large numbers of these, though ageing, will still be at the 3D level amidst others who have reached either the 4D or even higher levels of consciousness.

Keep in mind though, that even at this moment, there are souls among us in the process of rising towards higher levels simply because they themselves have been making efforts to cultivate only positive thoughts, words and actions born out of unconditional love and so evolve towards higher spiritual attainment.

There will be a new way of thinking among people vastly more enlightened and evolved than most of us in the present 3D vibrational level. Among them are those, although born at the 3D level, who have accelerated their soul evolution by practising the teachings of the Avatar and other evolved Masters.

Among these are men and women who have evolved enough to learn that thoughts have incredible power, and that to serve others is to serve oneself within the One Soul that is all that exists within the cosmos. By the end of this century, a liberated mankind would have undergone the most incredible physical and spiritual transformation, and its way to meaningful interaction with its galactic family across the cosmos would begin.

By that time we will be well and truly into the promised Golden Age and integral to a constantly evolving galactic community. We earthlings will have a lot of catching up to do to make up for the lost years of our slavery in the darkest phase of Kali Yuga. Yet, in the company of the amazing 4D and 5D and higher souls at present incarnating as our children and grandchildren, it will become mankind’s greatest adventure.

Multiple Universes teeming with Life

Those concerned about the ecological damage already done to earth will be happy to know that from among the children now reincarnating and many still to come, will be the great minds that will discover innovative ways to repair the hurt caused to Mother Earth and so reverse her rapid deterioration.

Indeed, they will even succeed in recreating the pristine conditions of the earth as it was millions of years ago, before mankind’s population numbers exploded. Even though we do not realise it, this too, was for a purpose. Many souls now on earth have come from other worlds in the cosmos to help raise the awareness of us earthlings. We live in a logical universe, remember. Clean air, pure water, healthy soil and widespread forests will return and today’s deserts will bloom.

Only then will we will come to know of the vital role that Mankind and Mother Earth have played in the overall evolution of the galactic community. This universe and all the other universes extent comprise an incomprehensibly amazing series of galactic communities and planes of existence.


The Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Our universe and others teem with life in all forms despite the beliefs of the western monotheistic religions and culture which believe that there is no other life except that which exists here on earth.

It is now known that there may be an infinite number of planets populated by humans very similar or only slightly different from us here on earth. All these are at different levels of development. Some could be far in advance of our spiritual and technological level of development while others could be below. As on earth, there would be a variety of life forms throughout the galaxies. Even more amazing, there are even levels of existence right here on earth of which we are not generally aware because we are not spiritually developed enough to perceive them.

An Era of Transition

We are now experiencing a transition from one yuga to the next; we are in the awkward cusp between yugas or ages. This explains the general state of confusion and turmoil in which the present world civilisation finds itself. Yet it is a passing phase and we will in time be out of it. Even so, it is a testing time and not without its tribulations, whether natural or man-made.

There are those who, entrenched firmly in the illusion – sometimes called maya – of materialism, might not want to abandon the material way of life to which they have become attached. For them there would be no place on an upwardly evolving earth plane, so a compassionate Universe would allow them to make a choice, as it always does.

It will become possible for them to reincarnate on planets still at the 3D or materialistic level of development, which is where we are at this moment. Others who are more conducive to change will rise to the next, fourth dimensional level of awareness or even higher towards which Planet Earth and all life are now steadily moving.

One crucial change that would have the greatest impact on those alive at the time would be the disappearance of fossil fuel. Ancient Hindu predictions state categorically that fossil fuel would make a sudden exit. It does not take much imagination to realise that this would result in the death of civilisation as we have known it. This modern, western-dominated civilisation is based on fossil fuels. Take that away and there is no civilisation.

If fossil fuel disappears, drastic, overnight changes will sweep through societies world-wide and substantial reductions in population figures could result. The bottom line is that there can be no transformation without change. The caterpillar has to undergo chrysalis before it emerges as a butterfly. That process of metamorphosis is the crux of all life as we know it. Life is eternal, it does not go away; it merely transmutes into different forms. Those who leave will reincarnate on other planets which happen to be at appropriate levels of development.

On earth in that Golden Age, we will learn that the fossil fuels on which our world civilisation was based was indeed the most primitive form of energy and the internal combustion engine the most archaic of methods of propulsion. Mankind was prevented from going beyond that low level by those of the elite who were in control of fossil fuels and their sale to the public.

Exploring Energy

We will learn of other, non-polluting and free sources of energy that are all around us. All we have to know is how to harness and use it. We will learn that in our requirements for energy, there is no need for us to use dangerous nuclear power or other polluting sources. There are other, perfectly safe and unlimited free sources all around us other than solar and wind energy with their limitations.

Now here is the fantastic part, but this is not meant to steal your opportunity to flaunt your thinking cap. At present, mankind spends a major part of its time and resources in obtaining sources of energy. Everything that we do requires the expenditure of energy.



Let’s say that by some miracle, mankind discovers a source of free, non-polluting and perpetual energy. Think of how early civilisations always grew near forests or other sources of primal energy and died when the source of energy was exhausted.

Think of the time, effort and money that would be saved by free, non-polluting, perpetual energy, and how this saving could impact on mankind’s other activities. Think of how the time spent on the major effort of finding sources of energy could be directed to other meaningful pursuits. Think of the wars that have been fought and are still being fought for the control of fossil fuel.

When energy becomes a free resource, mankind and Mother Earth will be unbelievably transformed. For one, there will be one less reason to go to war.

In a Golden Age without war, mankind will soar to heights of achievement it had never previously known. Before the end of this century, we will fully understand what Sri Sathya Sai Baba meant when He said, “I am God and I know it. You are also God, but you do not know.

With light and love,

Om Namah Shivaya,
Om Sai Ram

VivekAnanda Naicker

VivekAnanda Naicker
AP, India



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