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Tag: White Buffalo Calf

The White Kangaroo

7179928-3x2-940x627My friend Chris Parnell of Shepparton, Australia, has sent me a photograph taken in Australian bush country of a young, pure white adult kangaroo. I forwarded this the same morning to Chief Looking Horse of the Wolakota people of the Sioux nation and his wife Paula in Dakota, USA.

Puttaparthi’s White Buffalo Legend

wobbly-legsFor years since coming to live in Whitefield in 2003 and later Puttaparthi, I have been telling a small group of people close to me – of which you are one – that I have been experiencing a miracle almost every day, particularly in Puttaparthi. Once again, I have miracles to share with you – about the White Buffalo Calf of Puttaparthi, and the unique graciousness of the Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba.