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Tectonics and Himalayas: ignorance, disaster and responses

Strange things have been happening under the Indian subcontinent in the years that I have been here. Being hyper-conscious of the fragility of this planet and the great variety of life it carries, I paid particular attention to sporadic reports of awareness and response to tectonic and subterranean activities in the Indian media. There is awareness, there is ignorance and there is mischief. Here, we take a look at what I have observed in India, during my sojourn here over the last 12 years.

Indigo’s in South Africa recall my past life at Oxford

Oxford University
When Vivek attended the Oneness University (nearby Chennai), little did he know that many unforseen events would occur years into the future, from his visit to the humble university abode, much of what was still under construction. Our photograph here is Oxford University, circa 1900. In a story that truly comes from the Mists of Maya, Vivek is having lunch in South Africa, years later, in the Magaliesburg Mountains, that a girl, highly psychic and daughter of an Indigo lady, would recognise him from a past life he had lived as a professor at Oxford University! Viv takes up the story:

Shiva will Dance

Interlaced with the scientific truths the statue of the Dancing Nadaraja conveys are the basic spiritual principles that relate to all that exists. Above all, this greatest of all symbolic works expresses, in mute eloquence, the primary concept that everything in existence is Eternal Cosmic Energy. That Energy, as every student of Hindu thought knows, is Shiva. Now man, with his imperfect knowledge and perverse ambition, seeks to modify that Cosmic Perfection with genetic engineering. Its promoters laud their mischief as great scientific advancement. Vivekananda Naicker writes to his grandson Niven about the beauty of the work of the Dancing Nadaraja and the perversity of genetically modifying Annam Brahma, food is divine.

A Home in the Stars

milky way

Vivek is driving from Dundee, his home town, to Durban. His mother had stayed on in Dundee with his older brother and their family. He brother had called in the morning to tell that mother had fallen ill. Her doctor needed an item of medical equipment that was not available in Dundee. It could be obtained on loan from the St John’s Ambulance Service in Durban. Could I obtain it and deliver it to Dundee, he asked?

Later that evening, they stop the car to get out and look at the Milky Way … …

The Celestial Networker

heavy rain pour

“I am God and I know it. You are also God but you do not know”

The enigma called Sri Sathya Sai Baba was in residence in February, 2003, when I arrived from South Africa at his ashram in Whitefield which was then in the rural outskirts of Bangalore city. My friends Roy and Sue Christie of South Africa and Chris Parnell of Australia were also there and we met every day for three happy weeks. After all three had left, I was alone in crowded India for the first time. But I was to meet with friends, find a eyrie for a residence overlooking the maidans of Whitefield and through a freak thunderstorm and a mysterious guide, meet with two ladies who were to become firm friends whom I would visit in London, years later.

Geeta’s Camera

Camera Case

A brisk hike through the lanes and passages from my flat in the old coconut grove to the news-stand opposite the Ganesha Gate of Prashanti Nilayam for the English language newspapers, then an hour scanning them over a cup of chai in a nearby restaurant popular with westerners has become my morning constitutional. However, this morning, it took a long time for me to complete my scanning of the daily papers. All turned around my new camera, the proprietor of a curio shop, a lost camera, and the Saint of Shirdi.

Mists of Maya – Earthquakes and Tsunami

Earth, showing India

In a day and an age when there are chaos ridden regions on the Earth, and humanity seems to be helpless in the face of disaster in the form of tsunami and earthquakes and flash flooding, Vivekananda Naicker once again explores the Mists of Maya and looks deeply into the truth of the human condition. Our visits to Earth are but a sojourn in a body and our true home, our true nature, is endless love.

The Avatar Keeps His Promise

Sai Baba in Sai Kulwant Hall
Sai Baba in Sai Kulwant Hall
For the better part of some twenty-five years, I had known of a Vedic astrological prediction that I would die in mid-December, 2012. A priest I had consulted at the time had given me the date after poring through the ancient Vedic almanac called the Panchangam. Years later, an old sage famous far beyond the confines of his remote Tamil Nadu village for his gift of prophesy quite independently confirmed that date.

Because I do not believe that anyone ever dies, I took the prediction as well as the confirmation in my stride. We are eternal spirit and so-called death is merely the casting off of the mortal body; the soul – atman – within is eternal and deathless. Resigned to the thought of leaving this existence at the ripe age of 73, I thought no more of the prediction over the years until September, 2002.