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The White Kangaroo

7179928-3x2-940x627My friend Chris Parnell of Shepparton, Australia, has sent me a photograph taken in Australian bush country of a young, pure white adult kangaroo. I forwarded this the same morning to Chief Looking Horse of the Wolakota people of the Sioux nation and his wife Paula in Dakota, USA.

Since I was copying the photograph to others, I thought it expedient to repeat, briefly, the American Indian legend of the White Buffalo Woman.

Once thousands of years ago, a mysterious White Buffalo saved the Wolakota people when they were caught in a freezing blizzard that blew for days in icy Arctic wastes and their lives were in dire peril through starvation.

The last two of the group’s braves were sent out into that white hell to try to find food. A strange white buffalo suddenly appeared through the hazy whiteness. It miraculously changed shape into a beautiful Indian woman and spoke to the trembling braves.

The apparition guided them back to the group and promised that succour was at hand. Within a short while, a herd of caribou came, and the lives of the tribe were saved.

Since that time, the Wolakota people have considered unusually white offspring born to normally coloured parents as sacred harbingers of momentous change. The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman has become entrenched through untold centuries in the folklore of the Sioux nation.

The Sioux people have said since then that when normally-coloured animals of various species start to produce pure white offspring, then the people must know that great change is about to descend on the land.

I had the good fortune to meet Arvol (whose ceremonial name is Chief Looking Horse) and his wife Paula some thirteen years ago. They told me of the legend of the White Buffalo Woman. Since then I have been sending them pictures of the white offspring of various animals, birds and reptiles that in recent times have been born in various parts of the world.

Perhaps I should also explain, for those who have wondered about the cryptic meanings of American Indian leaders’ names, the ceremonial name “Looking Horse”. Native Americans believe that the horse was God’s messenger on earth. It observed happenings on earth and conveyed these to God.

In recent times, the phenomenon of white baby animals has become world-wide, so it might be reasonable to assume that global changes are coming. Among these have been white peacocks, cobras and even a white Olive Ridley turtle in India, white birds, among them an English barn owl, Australian sparrow and American humming bird, sea otters and even whales.

Last month I sent the Chief and his wife and all of you pictures of a white Indian buffalo calf that was born here in Puttaparthi, birthplace of the Avatar of Kali Yuga. I thought its birth was most significant, for it could indicate changes in this holy place too.

That event and picture of the white kangaroo in the Australian bush are the latest additions to this most unusual world-wide phenomenon. There is no record of such a world-wide event ever having happened before in history.

I personally have no doubt that the predicted great changes to mankind, Mother Earth and all life that exists is almost upon us …


With light and love,

Om Nama Shivaya,
Om Sai Ram

VivekAnanda Naicker

VivekAnanda Naicker
Andhra Pradesh, India

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