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Tectonics and Himalayas: ignorance, disaster and responses

Strange things have been happening under the Indian subcontinent in the years that I have been here. Being hyper-conscious of the fragility of this planet and the great variety of life it carries, I paid particular attention to sporadic reports of awareness and response to tectonic and subterranean activities in the Indian media. There is awareness, there is ignorance and there is mischief. Here, we take a look at what I have observed in India, during my sojourn here over the last 12 years.


Here are some of the inexplicable events that were reported since 2003, when I came to live here more or less permanently:

1. Strange explosions taking place underground in various parts of the Deccan plateau. One such explosion under the northern suburbs of Bangalore was so loud and powerful that buildings and trees shook. Thousands of people ran out of their homes in numerous suburbs fearing an earthquake. There was no official explanation for an event that traumatised tens of thousands of people.

2. Villagers running out of their homes late one night in a farming village in Maharasthra could see not see anything that could have caused a loud explosion, with the sound seemingly coming from underfoot. Only when they sun rose the following morning did they see that many homes were seriously damaged, with walls cracked and even collapsed. There was a large rent running down the main village road but most shocking of all was that a granite hill on the side of which the village houses were built had completely disappeared, with only a slight indentation covering several square acres where the hill had once stood.

3. Again at night, villagers in various parts of the country (there were several reports around 2007) were astounded to hear loud gurgling sounds coming out of village irrigation wells. When they rushed out of their homes with their torches, they saw water rising rapidly in the deep, wide-mouthed, granite-walled wells that are usually up to a hundred feet deep and sixty or seventy feet in diameter at the mouth. These wells are an ancient development and are common in Indian agricultural districts and along rivers to harvest monsoon flood-waters. The mysterious filling of the wells was particularly surprising considering the fact that much of southern India was at the time in the throes of a long drought. As they whooped and danced with joy, the villagers watched in consternation as the water would suddenly drain out and disappear through the bottom of the well into some subterranean chasm with loud gurgling.

4. More recently, probably in 2011 as I recall, peasants in Tamil Nadu reported that their fields were on fire, with flames and acrid smoke accompanied by a black bitumen-like substance smelling strongly of rotten eggs pouring out of fissures in the ground. The sulphuric smell – rotten eggs- is a clear indication of underground volcanic activity. Huge fissures were appearing in the fields.

5. In recent years, constant rockfalls and avalanches have become almost a way of life in Himalayan valleys from Pakistan in the west through Kashmir to Bihar and Assam in the east. Entire villages and even sizeable towns have had to be given up due to the constantly-falling stones and rocks. This is a clear indication of constant tremors under the mighty Himalayas, the world’s youngest – and tallest- mountains.

6. There have been constant tremors in recent times, up to days ago, all around India, not only in the north closer to the Himalayas but also in the south. There have been tremors causing rough seas in the Bay of Bengal and in parts of Andhra Pradesh a day ago.


showing the direction of the plate movements


Is Silence really golden?

As the above examples show, India has been quivering and quaking for some years. The authorities remained silent on all the examples listed above, but it would seem that someone somewhere in government was taking note of the strange events even though no government expert commented on any of them despite public concern.

Either in 2011 or 2012 – I am depending entirely on my memory here, so this might need checking out on Google – just one report appeared in a national newspaper that I happened to see stating that a convoy of expensive Unimog four-wheel drive trucks packed with state of the art seismic and other sensing equipment manned by top-flight Indian scientists consisting of earthquake and volcano experts had left India on a cross-country expedition through several neighbouring countries including Pakistan and then war-torn Afghanistan and several Central Asian countries in the area of the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea in the Mediterranean area. They turned around there somewhere and returned to India via Egypt and Somalia.

After that first report that I saw, there were no further reports and total media silence by relevant government departments. Obviously the report I saw was the result of a leak and someone somewhere must have been hauled over the coals for letting slip. There was one brief report in a British newspaper that implied that the survey was conducted with the co-operation of several countries which even included hostile Pakistan.

I had suspected for years that something significant was happening beneath the whole of the Indian peninsula. I also felt that the Indian authorities were fully aware of all geological developments but refrained from public statements to avoid panicking the populace. The Indo-Australian tectonic plate was obviously shifting and sliding and this I knew, did not bode well for India or the Himalayas.

These are fold mountains that emerged through the impact of the Indian plate against the belly of Asia after drifting north-east across the magma where the Indian Ocean is now. Both the Australian plate and the African plate impact on the Indian. Movements of either could affect the Indian plate. If for whatever reason, pressure on the Indian plate were released, the Himalayas could collapse as easily as they rose from sea level millions of years ago.

The tsunami of 2004 also had a significant effect on the Indian subcontinent and demonstrated that even the Himalayas were not immune to outside influences. Scientists found that the tsunami had shifted the Himalayas. The shift was minute, but a shift nonetheless.

Astrological Predictions

Having lived in India for the better part of twelve years and having followed available reports of the reports listed above, I was therefore alarmed when I saw the Agastaya astrological predictions for the 30-month period from December, 2014 until June, 2017. Natural catastrophes of all kinds, from volcanic eruptions, tidal waves and tsunamis, droughts, floods, hurricanes and tornado’s and freak weather conditions are mentioned. It is also predicted that there would also be man-made disasters such as wars and revolutions.

It is significant that the 16th of December, 2014, the start of the 30-month astrological phase, was marked by the murder by the Taliban of more than 145 schoolboys in ther classrooms in a school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. It was a tragedy that touched the whole world.

What was particularly significant was that the predictions stated quite clearly that no human being alive at this time would be left untouched by coming events. I was alarmed in particular by two other predictions. One is that a new form of energy that is a comparatively new scientific development in the history of mankind would turn against man and become a major threat as a result of actions that would come from the sea.

There is no mistaking the fact that this is a reference to nuclear power, something that I have been opposed to all my life regardless of what its proponents say. Comparatively few people are aware that millions of square miles of Russian territory have been made useless for some 20,000 years or more by the Chernobyl disaster and that the more recent Fukushima disaster has all but destroyed the Pacific Ocean. These are events the authorities do not want widely publicised, for obvious reasons.

I have left the last prediction to the end, for it is the most frightening. Saying that he had forgotten to mention it to me, my Indian astrologer associate told me a few weeks ago that it is also predicted that for some unknown reason, earthworms all over would die out. This frightened me more than the thought of the destruction of nuclear power stations by tsunamis did, even though it is not clear whether this would happen in one particular area or would be more widespread.

Any ecologist would tell you that if earthworms die off, mankind would follow not long afterwards. The humble earthworm makes it possible for the farmer to grow crops by aerating and fertilising and providing passage for water through the soil in which it lives. Without it, nothing would grow.

In the circumstances, there is only one thing we can do. We must pray like we’ve never prayed before.


showing the destruction to dwellings

Assistance to Nepal: Mischievous Claims?

Before I go, I must comment on one important development that has been misreported in the west. I have been aware for many years of a concerted campaign by certain world powers to place India in a disparaging light. I am aware of media manipulation by these powers in major western countries and even right here in India. I do not usually comment because being on the spiritual path, politics, either overt or covert does not fall within my ambit. Nevertheless, I am acutely aware of mischief emanating from two western powers in particular.

The mischief was amply demonstrated yesterday in reports sent from Kathmandu by news agencies serving the western media. One AP report stated that on hearing of the earthquake around midday on Saturday, the American ambassador immediately announced a US relief fund of 1 million dollars. It was a paltry sum for a world power.

Be that as it may: what caught my eye was the paragraph that followed. It stated that neighbouring India and China had also promised help. Even if the report was written on Saturday, AP journalists would have had ample time to check out their facts before sending out their misleading report.

They created the impression that the US was the first to help. The truth is that India exceeded its best international humanitarian mercy missions of the past by its almost lightning-fast response to the Nepalese tragedy. Its rescue and medical teams were the first to arrive.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the Nepali PM within minutes of the first quake. The Nepali PM Sushil Koirala was on an official visit to Bangkok at the time. Modi led from the front and personally initiated the Indian relief effort.

Within hours of the tragedy on Saturday afternoon, Indian Air Force heavy transport planes began landing in Kathmandu. The first to take off was one of the Air Force’s new Super Hercules C-130J heavy transports laden with 3.5 tonnes of relief material and a team of 39 rescue specialists.

This was followed by two C-17 Globemasters, the biggest heavy-lift aircraft in the world, carrying 15 tonnes of emergency supplies including food, fuel and medical supplies. There were 96 rapid-response personnel, doctors and paramedics.

Other heavy transports quickly followed carrying emergency supplies as well as rescue teams, sniffer dogs and medical teams. At the time of writing on Monday evening, there were already hundreds of Indian medical and other rescue personnel in Nepal. Two Indian Army field hospitals were on standby by Sunday and might already have been deployed. Several Indian airlines are also flying to those Nepali airports still open to evacuate Indian and other tourists and carry emergency supplies.

Last week those same heavy transports evacuated thousands of Indians and others trapped by the fighting in Yemen. These giant heavy-lift planes were recently acquired at phenomenal cost from the USA. They were primarily acquired to enable the rapid deployment of troops and war materiel on India’s borders with China. So far the giant planes have not been used in conflict situations but to provide emergency help to neighbours.

From the humanitarian point of view, the giant planes have proved to be worth their weight in gold. They are playing no small part in giving India an enviable reputation as a first responder to the international community in times of crises.

Om Nama Shivaya,
Om Sai Ram

VivekAnanda Naicker

VivekAnanda Naicker
Puttaparthi, A.P. India
Monday, 27th April, 2015

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